Lauda Finem versus Otago Daily Times

Lauda Finem claim there are no limitations to what they can say. In their latest post New Zealand IRD – The Blomfield frauds, the liquidators, the lawyers, the police and the media collaborators they claim:

Just the other day New Zealand’s Whale Oil Blog ran a couple of stories on a series of fraud and corruption allegations inveigling New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Whilst the journo responsible, Stephen Cook, would undoubtedly have preferred that those involved be named the Whale Oil blog is unable to do so.

Team Lauda Finem however have no such limitations as we are not subject to New Zealand’s laws, its courts or the bullshit gag order Whale Oil has been subjected to.

As aforesaid we here at LF have no such limitations when it comes to who we can name. We also have the benefit of knowing every detail in the whole sorry saga from start to finish.

That’s a claim lacking in credibility.

As Stephen Cooks own investigation unfurles we here at LF will be following up and naming the people responsible and where ever possible, or required, supplying additional information if available.

They claim to know “every detail in the whole sorry saga from start to finish” – why is Stephen Cook bothering to investigate if everything is already known –  but also say they will supply “additional information if available”.

One of the many names named is Otago Daily Times.

Interestingly, once again APN’s New Zealand HeraldHerald on Sunday and the independently owned Otago Daily Times have been implicated in a conspiracy to conduct a smear campaign…

Claiming to know “every detail in the whole sorry saga from start to finish”, and implicating a serious accusation against the Otago Daily Times with absolutely no substance provided looks suspect to me, an accusation with zero evidence.

They say they have “no such limitations as we are not subject to New Zealand’s laws” regarding revealing anything, but they don’t back up their bluster.

Despite their claims of “knowing every detail” they also say “there is still much more work to be done” and they will bring more detail as the stories unfold. I know from my own experience they are making up some of their stories.

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  1. Kevin

     /  21st August 2015

    LF I believe are located in Holland. There is nothing to stop someone from starting defamation proceedings in a Dutch court.

    • Quixote

       /  21st August 2015

      You would very likely be tilting at windmills 🙂

    • I’ve seen that claimed but I’ve never seen it verified. Nor have I seen it verified that there is no new Zealand input, which would make it quite a different matter. I know there was NZ sourced information at least in their latest post.

      • Pete Kane

         /  21st August 2015

        It’s great though that our European discoverers have maintained such a benevolent interest in our affairs after all this time – even extending to the ‘vagaries’ of Auckland commercial life.

      • Kevin

         /  21st August 2015

        “I know there was NZ sourced information at least in their latest post.”

        In which case you would have to find the source of the NZ sourced information and go after them.

    • LF are 2/3rds based in Auckland, 1/3rd in Oz and 100% out of their minds. They fantasise that if they keep up the pretence that they are based overseas by routing their website through overseas domains, that’ll keep them out of trouble here. However, as the damage they do is here in NZ and the website is read here, the law isn’t on their side. One of the reasons London is the libel capital of the world is that the English courts have pretty consistently accepted that if a website is read there, then a case can be taken there. The same principles are likely to be applied here, if anyone can be bothered taking them on.

      • Kevin

         /  21st August 2015

        Common sense would say that if someone says something libellous on a website then the tort is committed in the place where that person is.

        I wish Bill Hodge was here.

        • When has the law ever been about common sense? 😉 But the principle is that a case can be taken where damage is done, hence the UK situation. And given that we don’t have any test cases under the new digital laws here, I reckon LF are just using bravado to hide their fear. Kinda like bullies usually do, eh.

  2. Long way to Holland for PG from shitty old Dunedin


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