Little has a sense of humour

In Question Time in Parliament today Andrew Little asked several questions on the Health and Safety Bill, starting with:

Does he have confidence in the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, given his decision not to include sheep, beef, and dairy farming in his Proposed Schedule of High Risk Industries?

There were predictable digs about lavendar growing and butterfly farming.

Does the Prime Minister agree that ridiculous situation where working with lavendar and butterflies is high risk, but working with bulls and explosives is not, has undermined public confidence in his Health and Safety reforms, and if not why not.

But he was working up to a good one.

If he thinks butterfly breeding is high risk but dairy farming isn’t, can he tell us the last time a rampaging butterfly had to be shot by police in the streets of Whanganui?

There was much laughter from the left and even some smiles on the right.

He has a wee way to go but maybe there’s some hope for Little.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  25th August 2015

    There would be lots of sycophantic laughter from Labour; they would have laughed on cue as Winston Peters’ sychophants do.

  2. Mike C

     /  25th August 2015

    That’s not a sense of humor.

  3. Andrew Little will be Nationals best friend on the campaign trail in 2017. Do you think the public will elect the man caught talking to Paddy Gower about people with chinese sounding names?

    Little is pretty easily goaded it seems and I am sure JK will bring the “best” out of him in head to head debates….

    That’s if he doesn’t get shanked by Robertson before 2017 arrives…


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