Is Freed starting to happen?

After silence fropm Freed for most of the year there was a sign that somethig may be happening. Posted on their Facebook page on August 19:

Rehearsing traffic reports in the Freed chopper

Are they going to be Auckland-centric or national?

The Freed Media Group image was also posted on Twitter, the first sign of activity since February.

Their webpage has also changed at some stage but offers no hints about their plans.

Freed was first announced in July 2014.

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  1. Maureen W

     /  28th August 2015

    Well, I clicked on the link to the FB page, and got what you have shown. A whole lot of sweet bugger all … snigger.

    • It’s a little bit more than there’s been for six months.

      • Maureen W

         /  28th August 2015

        I see that the aerial photo “Rehearsing for Traffic Reports” was posted on 7th November 14. You’ve got to be kidding me. Ha, ha – reminds me of this FB clip I saw earlier this week ..

  2. jamie

     /  28th August 2015

    I wonder if there is a certain strain of Whaleoil reader actually gullible enough to believe that Cameron and Pete have bought a helicopter.

    • Mike C

       /  28th August 2015


      Tony Lentino owns helicopters.

      But it doesn’t look like Lentino is part of the Freed Media equation anymore 🙂

  3. Pigs might fly. Which will be handy for those aerial traffic reports, of course.

  4. Kevin

     /  28th August 2015

    I can’t wait to see a Fox News style media company in New Zealand. The Left should be worried.

    • We need a Fox News style media company in New Zealand as much as we need Ben Tameifuna to be the starting first five for the All Blacks.


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