Political bias even in flag choices?

Surely only the politically paranoid could think of things like this.

This came up in a discussion about claimed political bias in media.

If any more proof is required of the slant to the right in nzs media just look how predominant the national blue is , hoskings radio adds are one example Is it driven by national or is it being done by a bunch of sycophantic creeps.?
Edit I just noticed the colour of seven sharp page at top of the post !!

The Seven Sharp colour scheme is blue but it looks nothing like National’s blue.

Have you seen the flag short list and how many have 2/3 National blue and 1/3 red?

Good grief. Apart from wondering why someone would think up political paranoia like that Weka is wrong. Look at the final forty flag choices.

FlagsFinal40The reason why blue is a common colour amongst them is because it’s the predominant colour of the current flag.

If anything the flag colours are biased against ACT and UF, I do’t see any of their yellow or magenta at all in the flags.

b waghorn

I hadn’t noticed a bias but it wouldn’t surprise me, I have thought that party colours should be avoided on the new flag if it happens (although it doesn’t leave much) and TV stations should definitely avoid them around news shows.

So the flag and media organisations should avoid any blue, red, green, black, yellow or magenta in case some tragics perceive some bias?

Can we please consider flag alternatives withoput having to appease every perception of colour/ethnicity/political/gender imbalance.

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  1. Mike C

     /  30th August 2015

    There are some major Leftie-Loonies out there, who are constantly trying to make a conspiracy out of nothing. LOL.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th August 2015

    If you fish in the pond you are going to catch frogs. Reading the Standard and finding paranoid stupidity is rather predictable.

    • Kevin

       /  30th August 2015

      And yet Smaug is doing his damnedest to make the site an example of intelligent left-oriented intellectualism and debate, apparently by pruning it of what he regards as “trolls” (i.e. anyone not on the Left or who isn’t a media personality).

  3. SteveRemmington

     /  30th August 2015

    I just happened to notice that The Strandard page logo predominately consists of the colour more commonly referred to as Sunnyside Hospital Beige.

    Just saying.

  4. -D

     /  30th August 2015

    Suggest a bill, passed under urgency, mandating that all news broadcasts be produced only in black and white.

    Oops…that’s racist.

  5. Having to appease every perception of colour/ethnicity/political/gender imbalance in a flag change?
    Because there is no imbalance? Because the perceptions are wrong? Because having to appease them is a distraction? Because appeasement acknowledges there are issues to address?

  6. Brown

     /  30th August 2015

    What a WOFTAM this is proving to be.


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