Green gender imbalance

When Russel Norman leaves Parliament at the end of October he will be replaced by next on the Green list, Marama Davidson. This means that the current 7/7 gender split will change to 8 female MPs versus 6 male MPs .

This shouldn’t be an issue but the Greens usually try hard to maintain gender balance.

To an extent it’s a quirk of a male MP resignig when the next on the list is female. But it could have been avoided by getting Davidson to stand aside to let a male replace Norman. There’s a precedent for this sort of list manipulation as two people on the Green list stood aside to enable Norman to replace Nandor Tanczos in 2008.

But Davidson is ambitious and is very keen to become an MP. She is rated highly in Green circles and they would have been expecting her to get into Parliament last year from number fifteen on their list, except that the Greens failed to improve their vote enough.

Davidson was understandable excikted by yesterday’s news.

was just stand up mighty for my ! I’m honoured up the wahzoo to be the 14th MP. Hugely thankful to so many of you ❤

There has been a lot of excitement and congratulations.

Formidable wahine toa female MPs

Embedded image permalink

ae 🙂 we 3 are the wahine Maori MP’s xx

So Davdson is highlighting her and their wahineness and Maoriness – I’m not sure that Delahunty would be thrilled with being separated like that.

And Marama Fox of the Maori Party might like to point out that Greens don’t have the only wahine Maori MPs.

Same for Nanaia Mahuta, Louisa Wall, Poto Williams and Meka Whatiri (Labour). And Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata and Jo Hayes (National). And Ria Bond (NZ First).

I don’t have a problem with this. Any party can have any mix of MPs they like. But for a party that makes an issue of promoting gender and race balance this seems to be a lapse of discipline.

Three wahine Maori MPs out of fourteen is 21.4% is about three times the population proportion.

There’s a total of twelve wahine Maori MPs (that are obvious to me) which is about 10% – about 15% of the New Zealand population is Maori so about 7.5% will be female.

Metiria Turei added her take on it:

Metiria Turei retweeted Alan

Or or or There will be 8 women in our caucus of 14 soon. All wahine toa.

So Turei is promoting them as representing strong, female, Maori, and seems to be applauding the female imbalance. This seems contrary to the Green ideal of equal female/male representation.

There are valid arguments for increased female and Maori representation to make up for past under-representation and to overcome entrenched non-Maori male domination.

But a party can’t be both gender and ethnically balanced and also promote and applaud imbalance without looking like their ideals can be bent when it suits some of them.

Green’s gender and ethnic imbalance is not a problem – unless balance is an ideal that mustn’t be compromised.

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  1. “To an extent it’s a quirk of a male MP resignig when the next on the list is female. But it could have been avoided by getting Davidson to stand aside to let a male replace Norman.”

    Then off course the lunatic fringe would have gone spare.

  2. Brown

     /  12th September 2015

    With the hard left progressives the idea of gender is ever changing so woman today can be something else tomorrow. Who cares what these screwed up troughing morons do as long as they stay out of government.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  12th September 2015

    Not the first time for a party to have a majority (by one) of women. The Alliance 1996-99 (both before and after the splits).

  4. Bit of a strawman argument, Pete. You attribute a need for a gender and race balance in their caucus that the Greens don’t actually have as part of their policy. It’s merely your idea of what the Greens are about. So, really, there isn’t anything to see here.

  5. This is really a non-issue, with 8-6 (F-M)..
    hardly in the same ‘ball-park’ as the Nats (about 70% ‘middle aged white males’ ?) ie the ‘old boys club’
    In regard to the alternating M-F on their part list.. I don’t think it is a ‘hard & fast’ Green policy, more a preferred ideal ? :/

  6. Michelle

     /  12th September 2015

    Best person for the job. No matter the plumbing.

    • kittycatkin

       /  12th September 2015

      Not for the Greens. But the solution could be simple-if someone has the wrong sort of plumbing, they have it changed. QED.

  7. Somewhere deep, deep, deep down I am trying to summon a who gives a xxxx about this. The Greens are an irrelevance until Labour gets to 35-38% consistently ion the polls…. and even then they are just Labours little biatchs to do with as Little sees fit….

  8. Mike C

     /  12th September 2015

    That photo of the three women up above looks like it could be First Second and Third placings in the Wellington Young Feminist Clubs “Feminist of the Year Pageant”. LOL.

  9. kiwi_guy

     /  13th September 2015

    Male dominance in politics is a good thing, just take a look at Feminist/Progressive Utopias like Sweden or Iceland with gender rigged elections to see how collective cultural suicide is done:

    #Progressive #SmashGenderBinaries #SmashCapitalism


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