Shearer on Corbyn

There’s some hope on the left that the seismic Corbyn shift in the UK will translate into a worldwide shift left, including in New Zealand.

The political situation in New Zealand is quite different. And there doesn’t seem to be any imminent Labour leadership contest. (A back bencher of thirty years as Corbyn becoming leader would be like Damien O’Connor becoming leader here, except that O’Connor is probably the opposite of being a far left radical).

David Shearer knows what it is like for an outsider to suddenly be elevated to a leadership position. He posted his thoughts on the Corbyn phenomenon on Facebook yesterday:

Jeremy Corbyn looks likely to be elected the new UK Labour leader this weekend. 

He will win without the support of most of his caucus and with many senior members refusing to serve under him. 

Corbyn’s supporters could be right … for the first time in modern political history we may see a leader shun the centre, steer a party to the left and win an election.

But more likely it will guarantee Labour stays in ‘glorious’ opposition as it did during the 1980s and 1990s – until finally it reached out to voters in the centre and won three elections in a row. But until then Thatcher and the Conservatives ran rampant for 18 years. 

Too often we forget that being in government is the objective. Anything else is just academic discussion. 

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are gleeful. Many joined the Labour Party under Labour’s new voting rules just so they could vote for Corbyn. 

Sadly, the stakes are heavily tilted against a positive outcome for Labour – and with it the majority of hardworking, decent Brits.

The stakes also seem heavily tilted against a Corbyn-like revolution in New Zealand. Andrew Little could suddenly transform himself, or someone else could come from left field and take over the Labour leadership, but both look unlikely.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  13th September 2015

    The comrades are doing a big victory dance this morning over at the The Stranded.

  2. A suicide note to the English people by the radicals in the UK Labour Party…. beautiful…

    The dump Trident policy is just the stupidest thing I have every heard. Do they not look at history? Does 1934 through 1945 mean nothing to them, the 10’s and 10’s of millions killed because pacifists stripped the West of the capacity to defend itself and its allies?

    Hell the local pacifists peeve me – you only need look at the 1830’s and the Chathams to see what happens to those who don’t follow the old dictum of He would seeks Peace must prepared for War….

    Corbyn will be a god send for the UK tabloids….. they will love him and his sound bites…


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