Peak ‘Red Peak’ absurdity

Journalists thought they may have nudged John Key towards a Red Peak concession in Key’s Monday media conference. Key said he would consider allowing the Red Peak flag to be added to the current four choices providing there was cross party support. He excluded NZ First (who oppose anything to do with possible flag change) but insisted on Labour joining the flag process.

Tracey Watkins at Stuff – Red Peak given a sniff by PM John Key:

A petition in favour of the so-called Red Peak flag has gathered around 50,000 signatures but Key has previously rejected calls to include it among the flag options put to voters in a referendum in November.

But he appeared to soften that stance on Monday saying he would reconsider the position if Labour backed a law change allowing a fifth flag to go on the referendum ballot paper.

“If Labour want to publicly come out and support the process and the change…argue that it’s the appropriate thing to do [and] argue their policy then we might [allow that] but that hasn’t been what they’ve done so far.”

Green leader James Shaw said that sounded ok but would need to have a caucus discussion before committing.

Labour seemed to rush into a decision that seems quite unwise. Or part of Labour, they didn’t have time to consult widely.

Labour leader Andrew Little said on Monday the caucus would support Red Peak being included, either as a replacement or an extra option, as long as there was a yes/no vote in the first referendum.

But he said Key was just playing politics with the suggestion that Red Peak could be included, only if Labour played ball.

“The Prime Minister can change this now if he likes, he doesn’t need Labour. He’s just playing politics to distract from the utter shambles the flag referendum has become.”

So Little will only agree if the whole structure of the referendums as advised by officials and voted on by Parliament is changed to what Labour want.

Key could have handled today and the whole flag change quite a bit better.

Labour could hardly have handled it worse.

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  1. it was never goin' to fly......

     /  14th September 2015

    Just forget the whole stupid bloody idea – and give us our money back!

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  14th September 2015

    I think Key played it quite well. He put Labour in the position of having to decide whether to support the horrible red peak flag or continue opposing any change. Now he can attack Labour whichever way they go.


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