Key versus Little – letters and crap

The flag debacle got worse today with John Key and Andrew Little squabbling over bottom lines or not, and letters and basically making arses of themselves over the Red Peak issue.

Key hasn’t managed this well but I’m particularly pissed off with Labour and Andrew Little who, despite having flag change as their party policy, have \ignored that and hypocritically played spoilers as much as the can throughout the process.

Scrapping the whole thing is a tempting feeling but that’s giving Labour a dirty victory.

Stuff reported: Andrew Little, John Key squabble over Red Peak flag meeting

NZ Herald: John Key and Andrew Little’s back and forth on Red Peak

This is crap. It’s supposed to be the people’s choice on whether we change our flag or not, a chance in a lifetime probably. But leaders of our major parties shit on the process to try and score cheap political points. Shame on them.

Little’s letter:

Key’s Letter:

Apparently Little has sent another letter. Whoopdy do. He should be showing he’s capable of actual leadership. If anything will put me off going back to voting for Labour it is this.

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  1. DaveG

     /  16th September 2015

    100% with you on this Pete, ther ewas a proces smapped out and agreed on, now Little and his band of Twitter terrorists have decided they want to Choose the flag, that flag is Red Peak. His letter puts him in the Spolit Brat category, chucking his toys out when something does not go his way.

    Hey Angry, you get your say just like a couple of Mill other Kiwis,

  2. Mike C

     /  16th September 2015

    Little is on a hiding to nothing from Key.

    All along, Little could have been positive about the flag changing process … but he and his cronies thought they had a better idea.

    More damage to Labour.

    Little is an idiot.

  3. Pete Kane

     /  16th September 2015

    One thing that has annoyed me a little is many are comparing the process to the electoral change, and saying that the FPP (status quo) option was part of the first referendum 1992 (same as this as this to select a “competitor’ to FPP in the binding 1993 referendum),but it was.

    There were two questions just as Labour are proposing here (although I think it’s too little too late- pun intended).
    The first question asked voters if they wished to retain FPP or change electoral systems. The result was 84.7 per cent favour of replacing FPP, and 15.3% against.[4]

    • Pete Kane

       /  16th September 2015

      Sorry edit.
      ” FPP (status quo) option was part of the first referendum 1992….”
      Should read ” FPP (status quo) option was NOT part of the first referendum 1992……”


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