Open Forum – Saturday

19 September 2015

This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isn’t spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is to encourage you to raise topics that interest you. 

Comments worth more exposure may be repeated as posts.

Your NZ is a mostly political and social issues blog but not limited to that, and views from anywhere on the political spectrum are welcome. Some basic ground rules:

  • If possible support arguments, news, points or opinions with links to sources and facts.
  • Please don’t post anything illegal, potentially defamatory or abusive.
  • Debate hard if you like but respect people’s right to have varying views and to not be personally be attacked.
  • Don’t say to a stranger online anything you wouldn’t say to their face.

Moderation will be minimal if these guidelines are followed. Should they ever be necessary any moderator edits, deletes or bans will be clearly and openly advised.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  19th September 2015

    NBR is reporting mass lay-offs of journalists at the Herald:

  2. Mike C

     /  19th September 2015


    Countdown have heaps of new releases of old DVD’s in store right now.

    I just bought “Forrest Gump” and “Titanic” for $9 bucks a piece.

    Happy to pay such a small sum for a couple of classics 🙂

  3. kittycatkin

     /  19th September 2015

    Did any one see the Herald article which has people whinging about how terrible and not right it is when nude photos and sex videos that they post online are seen by people other than those they were sent to ? What do they expect ? The minute those things go into cyberspace, the sender loses all control over where they go and who sees them. To go on doing this and whining when the worst happens is insane.


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