3 News September poll

The September 2015 3 News/Reid Research poll was published tonight. It contrasts with the recent Roy Morgan poll which had National dropping to 44.5%.

  • National 47.3% (up 0.3)
  • Labour 33.0% (up 1.9)
  • Greens 10.0% (down 1.4)
  • NZ First 7.9% (down 0.5)
  • ACT Party 0.6% (up 0.1)
  • Maori Party 0.5% (down 0.1)
  • United Future 0.0% (down 0.1)
  • Conservative Party 0.5% (down 0.2)

National are holding up and Labour should be quietly hopeful after another rise, but at the expense of Greens and NZ First.

Preferred Prime Minister:

  • John Key 39.5% (up 1.2)
  • Andrew Little 10.8% (up 0.6)
  • Winston Peters 8.6% (up -2.5)
  • Jacinda Ardern 3.5%

Has the gloss gone off Winston’s Northland win? Both NZ First and he are down.

Do you want a change of flag?

  • No 69%
  • Yes 25%
  • Don’t know 6%

A big battle ahead for change.

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  1. Kerry

     /  20th September 2015

    Peter Dunn 0.0%….discusting that this man holds the amount of power that he does.

    • Mike C

       /  21st September 2015


      When I first read your comment, I thought that you were joking … and then I realized you were being serious. LOL.

  2. What battle? Its there to keep the stupid MSM Party amused! This result was closer to the truth, did you note the increased Roy Morgan result on satisfaction with the way that the Government is managing the economy? More truth in that result than the skewed Morgan Poll result!!

  3. kittycatkin

     /  20th September 2015

    I almost wish that WP hadn’t thought of the gold card, as some people think that he is solely responsible-those who don’t know how Parliament works-and imagine that it’s a free service and not one that comes out of taxes, so they’re among those paying for it themselves. They also don’t think that the money it costs has to be taken from other services.It’s a nice thing to have, but old Winston has been given far too much credit for it.

  4. David

     /  20th September 2015

    Wonder how whaleoil will spin this one ? Having spent the week calling the end of Key because of a couple of comments a couple of people made at random and relying on the RoyMorgan poll drop.
    He must be loosing his edge to make his big call with a major poll about to be released, all a bit embarrassing for him really.

  5. Those numbers mean 6% of those who expressed a view hold the key. 6% of those nodding for Nats in this poll instead nod for Labour and Andy Little is a PM in waiting IF he can get Dunne and Maori Party onside

    Labour need to be in the range of 36-39%, not do anything stupid and they can start to position as the Government in waiting. That sort of thing builds a momentum of its own in NZ politics where 4 terms is unusual [at least in my political awareness since 1972… Holyoake and the 60’s are another planet now]…

    National need to have a sit down and proper analysis of the ongoing string of dumb stuff that has happened in the last 12 months from Sky City wanting money being entertained to the Sheepgate schmozzle.

    Mr Key needs to front foot McCully and ship him out BEFORE the investigation is complete lancing the boil and stopping Labour making capital out of it [timing into a dead spot in the political calendar would be useful]

    And then they need to spend 12 months actively undermining Labour as competent….

    Its going to be very interesting what happens in Ohariu as we get closer to election day – will the Nats campaign actively for the seat and remove Dunne from the calculation given he will go whereever he can get a ministers spot…..


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