Dotcom to face extradition starting Thursday

Kim Dotcom has failed in delaying his extradition hearing any more and it will begin on Thursday.

3 News reports: Dotcom loses bid to delay extradition hearing

A last-minute attempt to delay the extradition hearing for internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and his co-accused has been rejected.

Judge Nevin Dawson has released a decision that means evidence will be heard when the case resumes in Auckland District Court on Thursday.

On the first day of the hearing yesterday, lawyers for Dotcom and his co-accused asked for the extradition evidence to be pushed back so several applications to stay the case could be heard beforehand.

They alleged an FBI freeze on money being paid into the US has kept them from hiring legal and industry experts in the country.

But Christine Gordon QC, for the Crown, told Judge Dawson many of the claims were “speculative” and would only unnecessarily delay proceedings by weeks.

She asked for them to be heard as part of the hearing, or afterwards.

In his decision, Judge Dawson said the applications by Dotcom and his co-accused would be better heard during the main hearing because it would put them in context.

The outcome of their applications would not be prejudiced by the order and they could always appeal, he said.

If extradited and found guilty in the US, the four men face charges that carry decades of jail time.

They include conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, wire fraud and two kinds of criminal copyright infringement based on an FBI investigation going back to 2010.

Judge Dawson doesn’t have to decide whether the four are guilty or not, only if they could be surrendered to the US to face charges there. The justice minister then makes a decision on the matter.

So nearly four years after being raided and detained Dotcom finally faces actual extradition proceedings. I expect this will be lengthy, and if Dotcom is unsuccessful it’s very likely he will appeal.

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  1. 4077th

     /  22nd September 2015

    Good, now let’s get on with it. Don’t let the door hit you in your substantial arse on the way out Kimmie!

  2. kittycatkin

     /  22nd September 2015

    I have been a fatty in the past, but I was never, ever so fat that I needed to take a chair with me because I couldn’t fit into an ordinary one !

    • A. R. Buckle

       /  22nd September 2015

      Have you stopped to think that Kim may be in a Fitness Protection program?

      • kittycatkin

         /  24th September 2015

        Protected against being fit or against be able to fit ??? (laughs at own wit)

  3. DaveG

     /  22nd September 2015

    Completely over the DotCom circus, he seems to believe there is special circumstances and alliowances for his wealth and extravagance. Actually Kimbo, most kiwis want you GONE, it’s only those fond of your entertainment and the media on your payroll who keep hanging on to your pockets. Can’t wait till your gone!

  4. The elephant in the room is that US fair use doctrine doesn’t apply in NZ and so the charges of copyright violation are meaningless here,

    • Kevin

       /  23rd September 2015


      He’s being charged with breaking US law. The elephant in the room is whether in order to have Dotcom extradited, as Dotcom’s lawyers are arguing, he has to have broken both US and New Zealand law.

  5. kittycatkin

     /  23rd September 2015

    I think that the people whose horses and other animals have been terrified by him charging around going well over the speed limit in a noisy car with booming stereo and who were hacked and sent smart-alec messages when they complained will not miss their noisy neighbour.

    Does he wear black because he thinks it makes him look thin or because he thinks it makes him look like a Blackshirt ?


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