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23 September 2015

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  1. jaspa

     /  23rd September 2015

    Deals behind closed doors.

    Dr Muriel Newman has an interesting article on the NZCPR website.

    “Right now, unbeknown to most New Zealanders, the National-led Government and Local Government New Zealand are smoothing the way for regional councils and unitary authorities to pass control of the management and allocation of freshwater to iwi.
    The strategy was agreed between the government and Iwi Leaders in April. Since then, Iwi Leaders have been consulting with Maori groups around the country, disclosing the plan and seeking their approval.

    No such meetings are being held by central or local government to seek the approval of other New Zealanders, who will also be affected by these changes. There is talk that some sort of consultation process might be established next year, but by then it will be too late – the deal will have been done.

    Last month, again without any engagement with the public, Local Government New Zealand, on behalf of the country’s local authorities, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Iwi Leaders to establish a secret-deal-making process to progress the highly controversial transfer of resources and power to iwi. Essentially this will ensure that not only will the public be excluded from the whole decision-making process, but they will not even be aware it is going on.”

    And another one written by Don Brash –

    “A few weeks ago, I saw a document which scared the hell out of me. It was a PowerPoint presentation entitled simply “Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group”, and on the very first slide it was stated “The information contained in this presentation is confidential and is intended only for the Iwi to which it has been sent.” I didn’t have to read far to understand why confidentiality had been emphasised because the Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group knew full well that if the general public became aware of what they were planning there would be a public outcry.”

    I find this to be quite alarming news.

  2. Mike C

     /  23rd September 2015

    It’s not even 20 minutes into Parliamentary Question Time … and Annette King has already been given her final warning by David Parker. LOL.

    • swiss ballz

       /  23rd September 2015

      why would david parker give her a ‘final warning’ – i thought they were party buddies?

  3. Phil Twyford looking silly?

     /  23rd September 2015

    As our first ‘climate change refugee’ is shown the arse-card, we now hear from his employer that he was a disruptive prick, with a tendency towards violence in the workplace.

    Good riddance to the lot of them!!

    • 4077th

       /  23rd September 2015

      Yet again Twatford latches onto something without checking the facts. The guy is an absolute numptie and has no business being an MP. The foolish people of Te Atatu got exactly what they voted for…bugger all! Twice in a row he has splattered egg all over the face of Labour, when will Angry Little give him the arse card?

  4. Zedd

     /  23rd September 2015

    Who was the last political leader, who changed the FLAG, without the people agreeing to it first.. 1930s think about ! ‘not LOLing’


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