Red Peak addition negotiated by Greens?

It’s being reported that Greens have negotiated with National to enable Red Peak to be added to the flag choices, and that Labour may back it leaving only NZ First opposing.

This would be the sort of Parliamentary mandate that would give reasonable justification to adding Read Peak.

Greens seem to have learnt from the David Seymour approach to getting cross party agreement but have outdone him on this if they are successful.

Andrea Vance reports at stuff: Red Peak may be included on ballot

The Red Peak flag may be put to the public vote – after the Green Party waved a white flag.

It’s understood an MP will ask Parliament to include the popular design as a fifth option on Wednesday afternoon.

But the MP won’t demand any other changes to November’s vote, it is understood.

This opens the door to the Government agreeing to the motion. It’s likely only NZ First will oppose, but the Government could agree to pick it up as their own bill.

The Greens have stepped in to resolve an impasse between Labour and National. They refused to comment. But another source confirmed talks have been held with other Opposition parties.

Good on the Greens if they succeed. Good on them anyway.

It’s a clever move for the Greens who were on the wrong side of public opinion over opening bars for early morning Rugby World Cup games.

Good politics. Has a more co-operative cross-party environment been established in Parliament? There’s been some good promising precedents, kicked off by ACT’s Seymour.

Gareth Hughes will seek leave introduce a bill adding #redpeak to the flag referendum at the start of Question Time.

But Patrick Gower warns:

Greens will introduce Bill on #RedPeak flag – I understand National won’t oppose. It’s down to NZ First, if it opposes Bill will be blocked

Will NZ First play ball while Peters is away? It’s the middle of the night in the UK. Could be a big call for the remaining NZ First MPs.

Adding news as it comes to hand.

NZ First deputy Ron Mark has confirmed that NZ First will deny leave to introduce the bill.

Ron Mark confirms NZ First will deny leave

Greens media release:

Greens to seek red peak option in flag referendum

The Green Party will today ask Parliament to allow it to introduce a Bill offering New Zealanders the choice of the popular Red Peak flag as a fifth option in the upcoming flag referendum.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes will seek the leave of Parliament to introduce the New Zealand Flag Referendum Amendment Bill 2015 and put it at the top of the order paper. This requires the support of every MP in Parliament if it is to be successful.

“My Bill is about giving New Zealanders a choice following the groundswell of support for the Red Peak flag to be included as an option in the upcoming flag referendum,” said Mr Hughes.

“Regardless of whether MPs want to change the flag or not, the referendum is going to go ahead anyway so it may as well include an option that a large number of Kiwis want.

“While there are clearly problems with the way the referendum has been handled, we also don’t think politics should get in the way of what people really want, which is more of a choice.

“We know Kiwis care about their flag, and they want a real choice when it comes to picking a new one.

“This Bill provides a constructive solution that gives people the choice of a flag that’s managed to engage more people in the flag debate than any other part of the process.

“We won’t be supporting any changes other parties may put up to this Bill. We want to keep it simple and allow the opportunity for Red Peak to be included without re-litigating the whole referendum process.

“If the Bill is blocked today, we would call on the Government to adopt it as its own, to put politics aside and provide the choice that New Zealanders clearly want,” Mr Hughes said.

So if the Government takes the bill as it’s own it may still proceed.

In Red Peak Or Bust move the Greens have committed in advance NOT to support any amendment Labour puts up to change referendum questions.

Greens getting one over Labour on this. It’s deserved, Labour have played Red peak very poorly.

Spokeswoman for PM says they won’t block the bill – not yet saying if they will pick it up as Govt bill

It doesn’t sound promising from Grant Robertson:

@mizjwilliams but why is it reliant on what we say? Govt has majority/power to do what it wants.

I guess my question was more a plea that you don’t let Key away with a position that is clearly bogus

He sounds desperate not to allow National to gain anything from this move, which is a natural inclination towards petty still. But Robertson isn’t Labour leader.

Talked to a source about chances of Govt picking up the bill: “I have a good feeling.”

Not such a good feeling in the Labour camp. And at The Standard – Flagging a dead horse.

Labour is about to be out-manoeuvred on Red Peak. They don’t actually want it on the referendum despite what they’re saying publicly.

NZ First opposed the bill in Parliament this afternoon so we have to now wait and see if National will take on the bill.

Which National have done. It will be debated under normal urgency starting today but may not pass all stages today.

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  1. Yaaay! I really want the chance to vote for this one.

  2. tealeaves

     /  23rd September 2015

    Labour should abstain, saying that they’ve made their position clear, and that their vote isn’t needed re: “poodles” – it’s not actually needed, is it? Fling one back at the Greens, something about prolonging the farce on the base of a very small number of triangle supporters. Lots of people think it’s a joke, how can Labour go wrong numbers wise by treating it as a joke?

    • Goldie

       /  23rd September 2015

      You can’t abstain in parts of the parliamentary process.
      Labour have been hoisted by their own petard.

  3. DaveG

     /  23rd September 2015

    Again, key smacks Angry Andy to the corner seat, bypassing his foolish stance and letter pranks demanding everything but a morning coffee, and deals direct with the Greens. Suck on that Andy, just like the seat of New Plymouth, you have lost again!! And, Andy cannot complain, its what he wanted all along, well, publically anyway.

  4. Maureen W

     /  23rd September 2015

    While the flag cringe-fest rolls onto the front page of the papers again, far more important issues are completely overlooked. An excerpt from Jaspa’s post on today’s Open Forum, written by Don Brash on co-governance/stewardship of New Zealand’s fresh water

    Red Peak / Silver Fern … pffffttttttt

  5. Mike C

     /  23rd September 2015

    Just watch the WinstonFirst Party cut the Greens off at the knees 🙂

  6. Mike C

     /  23rd September 2015

    Gareth Hughes from the Greens has just asked for a fifth flag to be added to the first referendum.

    The Speaker asked if there were objections to Hughes suggestion … and there were plenty of voices that yelled out “YES”!!!

    What is likely to happen now ???

  7. It’s not really about the flag it’s about politics. Another page like this proves it.

    • Mike C

       /  23rd September 2015


      For me … it’s about the flag.

      Each to his own I guess 🙂

      • Pete Kane

         /  23rd September 2015

        Appears the Govt. have just picked this up themselves (Radio said ‘so’) Thought they would. Can’t see Labour and the Greens sharing a cup of herbal tea anytime soon. So Red Peak is on the ballot. Will be interesting.


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