Clark spraying Key

Yesterday the ODT had an editorial on Red Flag – Faith in process flagging.

Labour MP David Clark posted a link to this on Facebook:


That’s typical of how Labour seems to see the flag issue, but they have been major contributors to the farce. They have  tried to portray the process as all about Key (‘vanity project’ etc) and have appeared to be deliberately divisive to try and sabotage the process.

But the Facebook thread takes a darker turn.


That’s not an unusual sort of attack on Key on Facebook but is a bit nasty.

But for Clark to endorse it is I think not a good look for an MP.

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  1. Mike C

     /  26th September 2015

    I thought there were new rules relating to MP’s use of Social Media?

    Or have those new Parliamentary rules not come into effect yet?

    • They are looking at relaxing the guidelines on what MPs can post on social media while in Parliament but outside of that I suppose they are governed by the same laws as the rest of us.

      • Mike C

         /  26th September 2015


        Thanks … I had that wrong 🙂

        You are right, it is an extremely bad unprofessional look … and highlights the big difference between people like David Clark and John Key.

        You would never see the Prime Minister write something like that about another Parliamentarian.

  2. For Labour, who have everything in their power to obstruct the process and behave unreasonably, to now claim that the process is a face is deeply dishonest. And to claim that this is Key’s “vanity project”, when it is Labour Party policy and Labour had a Bill to Parliament to do exactly this in 2010 is completely unhinged.

    The Key Derangement Syndrome is getting ridiculous.

    A contrast can be made with National when they were in opposition. For six years National supporters and MPs were obsessed with Helen Clark. Matters which the general public thought were trivial (like Helen Clark signing a painting) became matters of hysteria for National. Going on and on about that bloody painting and the speeding fine and nasty insults about Helen Clark just turned off swinging voters.
    But two things happened. First, in 2005 National made a very hard effort to renew its MPs, and a lot of fresh blood was brought in in 2005 – it was hard work, but the basis of the future National government was built then. Second, from 2005 National made the decision to stop attacking Clark, and focus on the issues at hand. Before 2005, National spent most of its time searching for scandals and trying to attack Helen Clark – after 2005, National MPs began to focus on policy. And on particular policies National chose to cooperate (such as the anti-smacking children legislation).
    I remember at the tie that more astute Labour MPs became scared – because National was MPs were now behaving like adults with serious issues, and they started acting like a government in waiting.
    Labour have a long path ahead of them before they start to act like a government in waiting. For a start, there has been no renewal. And they need to stop the Key Derangement and start to behave like adults.

    • An interesting bit of recent history. Labour haven’t reached their 2005 equivalent yet on new blood or on ditching petty obsessive politics.

    • I think Shearer gave positive politics a go as leader, but couldn’t string two sentences together on camera. Little will be leader until 2017, so I think positive politics is out the window until then. Happy days for National.

      • Yes it looks like Labour have chosen the Little/McCarten/Mallard style of failed attack politics. It would be hard for them to change direction now even if they wanted to.

        So instead they blame others for their disasters, like they’ve done with the Greens over Red Peak, a shambles of their own ineptitude.

        • DaveG

           /  26th September 2015

          Key handed them an opportunity, Little replied with completely OTT demands, and sounded like he was in a position of complete authority over Key, typical of a union man. In the end he was “owned” by Key, ignored, dispatched, and left for the Greens. Little left himself very exposed, Key won the battle, and put the greens in front of Labour and Little. Love it !!

      • Mike C

         /  26th September 2015

        @Artie and George

        Yeah 🙂

        Given Joe and Joanna Publics voting in response to dirty and attack politics at the polls last September, I think that it will work in Nationals favour if Labour continue to use dirty attacking style politics right through to the 2017 General Election 🙂

  3. Zedd

     /  26th September 2015

    Like the cartoon.. BRILLIANT

    Maybe a ‘Black Flag’ would resolve this ! LOL 🙂

    • Mike C

       /  26th September 2015


      I grant you that the cartoon was funny in a dark humoured sort of way 🙂

      But David Clarks response to it in Social Media wasn’t a great look for Labour.


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