Wales wow!

South Africa are back on track with a decisive win against Samoa in the Rugby World Cup.

But Wales – wow!

England played well in the first half and Wales struggled to make headway apart from through a few penalty kicks.

But through the second half Wales worked hard and despite adding to their horrendous injury list they came out on top. Just.

England could have gone for a penalty shot for a draw but that would have been risky in a very tight pool. I think they made the right decision going for a win (their coach looked like he may disagree with that) but they couldn’t pull off a try from a lineout – Wales out thought and out muscled them in a drive and held out.

England face a precarious existence.

Apart from England it was a very good game for the World Cup.

And especially, a very good game for Wales.

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  1. Mike C

     /  27th September 2015


    Wish I could have seen it 🙂

    What was the final score?

    • 28-25.

      England had been ahead 22-12 but frittered that away conceding penalties, tyhen Wales scored a very good try and clinched it with another penalty. Late in the game England were awarded a kickable but not easy penalty but chose to kick for the line but were driven back from the lineout and into touch.

      As Warburton said, Wales wanted the win more.

      England thought they should win, Wales kept thinking they could win. And finished with more desire.

  2. Dumb call not going for the draw – would have put a lot of pressure on Wales for their match with England. Now all the pressure is on England next weekend versus Aussie.

    A draw would have meant bonus points might be come pivotal…. and also would have meant Wales needed to beat Aussie with a depleted squad to be certain of going through….

    2 points from the game would’ve been better than 1 for the England

  3. 4077th

     /  27th September 2015

    I watched 99% of the game and should have only watched the last 1%. The game was an absolute load of crap. It was a kick fest with very little running rugby. Back to the old habits for England and Gatland deserves a swift kick up kick up the arse for allowing Wales to play a similar game. The Canada v Italy game was much better to watch and more deserving of a mention IMO.

    • Well mention away. I didn’t watch that game, the South Africa Samoa game was an early enough start.

    • Mike C

       /  27th September 2015


      I just watched Canada versus Italy on the Prime highlights 🙂

      It did look exciting … but that was probably because 80 minutes was condensed into less than 5 minutes. LOL.

    • FarmerPete

       /  27th September 2015

      What a crock .This was a classic test match. It was a riveting game. I don’t normally like games to be dominated by kicking, but this happens at a World Cup. Both goal kickers were top draw.


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