BSA smacks Hosking’s hand, sort of

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has upheld four complaints against Mike Hosking but did not make any order, meaning this amounts to criticism without consequences.

Stuff: BSA rules against Mike Hosking

In April this year, a waitress said that she took offence to Key repeatedly tugging her ponytail when he came into the cafe she worked at.

Broadcaster Mike Hosking covered the topic at the time on the television programme Seven Sharp.

He said the waitress’ motivations for speaking out were “selfish” and “a puffed up self-involved pile of political bollocks”.

He also said the café owners were the “victims” of the situation.

He said: “To quote the waitress concerned today, ‘I felt New Zealand should know’. What a puffed up, self-involved pile of political bollocks. She had a problem at work. The owners were the people to consult, not a blogger.”

The Authority upheld the complaints that these comments were unfair to the waitress.

the Authority said the nature of this segment meant there was no opportunity for any response or defence to be given.

They also said that while public figures can be subjected to this sort of criticism, the waitress was not a public figure and should not have been scrutinised as such.

“[A] person who is not a public figure should be able to speak up and make assertions whether they are right or wrong without being treated unfairly and in an intimidatory way by a television presenter speaking from the platform of a powerful broadcaster”, the Authority said.

The Authority held publication of the decision was sufficient to mark the breach and did not make any order.

Hosking could do the decent thing and apologise on Seven Sharp tonight.

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  1. Kerry

     /  30th September 2015

    If I were Mike…. I would reiterate what I said, slam the waitress again and have the balls to say the BSA is wrong and they can kiss my Ass.

    • Bort up proper like...

       /  30th September 2015

      And if I were Mike’s mum….I’d tell him to “stop licking his smelly fingers before turning the pages of his 7 Sharp script” – and then wiping them on his coat 😦

      What a filthy habit! No wonder I prefer Duncan & Heather.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  30th September 2015

    I can’t stand Mike Hosking’s supercilious frown and way of talking as if he considers himself so much cleverer than everyone else. I haven’t seen him licking his fingers as I only ever see him for a few seconds when I turn on One for George Clarke. What a revolting habit that is-it’s another form of spitting. Who wants to read something that someone else has spat all over ? Or be the unlucky person who has to take the script away ?

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  30th September 2015

      Oh, rubbish. It’s boiling hot under TV lights and no doubt dries the paper and static makes them stick together. Anyone who deals with lots of paper licks fingers now and then to get the stuff to separate.

      • kittycatkin

         /  1st October 2015

        It’s not THAT hot under television lights (I have been under enough of them to know), and he could use one of those little sponges. I don’t see other people on television using spit to separate papers. If the heat was that bad, it would be unbearable.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th September 2015

    “the waitress was not a public figure and should not have been scrutinised as such”

    Anyone who pickets the PM’s house and follows up with a public attack makes themselves a public figure – trying to keep herself anonymous or not. Kerry is right. Hosking should give the BSA both barrels.

    • kittycatkin

       /  1st October 2015

      I’d have to agree that she’s not an actual ‘public figure’, but I think that she is a publicity seeker who wasn’t careful enough about what she asked for ! She can’t have publicity and be anonymous as well. Thank goodness the silly little girl’s 15 minutes are long gone.


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