Hooton responds

In response to Hooton versus Key – personal or business? Matthew Hooton responded to a link tweet and we had a wee exchange.

@MatthewHootonNZ and his apparent anti @johnkeypm campaign – is it personal, or is it business?

Who paid @PeteDGeorge to transcribe all this stuff? Or did taxpayers buy the transcript?

I’ve never been paid anything by anyone for anything I’ve done online.


That doesn’t address what he promotes on radio, television and newspaper.

Did you really do all that transcribing yourself?

Yes. I often do transcriptions all by myself.

Then, @PeteDGeorge, I’m sorry to say, but you are a total loser

So a “total loser” is someone who researches and writes without making money from it?

No, but transcription of audio readily available on @radionz‘s website to do a post on a blog no one reads is.

No sign of a transcription at Radio NZ to me.

If no one reads it you shouldn’t be concerned about it then, should you.

I’m not.

Then why didn’t he just ignore it?

Later an odd wee exchange

@MatthewHootonNZ @PeteDGeorge is this the same Pete that keep tweeting ‘tick tock’ about Campbell Live last year. Wondered who he was.

No I know nothing about that. Dangerous jumping to hasty conclusions without actual facts.

Assume so. He is a far-centre conspiracy theorist

He posted that last tweet 5 minutes after mine so at least had the chance to see me clearly rule out Leane’s accusation but he may not have seen it.

Interesting to see him resorting to lame put downs. He get’s much bigger audiences than I do but seems a bit sensitive doesn’t to being put on text record.

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  1. Mefrostate

     /  30th September 2015

    The fact that he made no comment about the anti-Key campaign, and instead resorted to name-calling, speaks volumes to me. Both about his motivations in this instance and about his character.

  2. This is fascinating. Matthew (who I greatly respect) being called out on what I interpret to be commercial grounds by Pete George who just, I trust, calls it as he sees it.

    What’s the real dynamic here?

    • I’m not calling him out on commercial grounds.

      It’s well known that he’s both a paid lobbyist and a political commentator. He usually seems to manage to keep both of those separate.

      But when commentary becomes repeating a meme – common in politics to try and make something stick – then it looks more like an anti-Key campaign.

      So I think it’s fair to ask if that’s personal or business.

  3. Tossa

     /  30th September 2015

    @ MH: “Did you really do all that transcribing yourself?”
    @ PG: “Yes. I often do transcriptions all by myself”

    You should have just referred Matthew to yesterday’s post about ‘self – administering’ 🙂

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th September 2015

    “I’ve never been paid anything by anyone for anything I’ve done online.


    I call B.S. A P.R. person who never does anything online for payment? Yeah, right.

  5. Mike C

     /  30th September 2015

    Hooten is a scuzz-bucket arse-hole, who doesn’t care about anybody except himself.

    Shortly after the General Election last year … he managed to “find” the money to go on a Swiss Alps skiing holiday with Laila Harre … who of course had been employed by Kim DotCom.

    Didn’t make any sense to me at the time … as to why a “supposed” National Supporter would go on holiday with a weirdo Leftie like Harre.

    Makes sense now 🙂

    • Talking of her, this was an interesting comment on WO:


      So ironic that their lovefest was hosted by Nicky’s partner in crime Laila Harre.

      • I’ll pose the question here since it would be a waste of time doing it on WO.
        Partners in “crime”?

        • Mike C

           /  30th September 2015


          Keep reading 🙂

        • Mike C

           /  1st October 2015


          Spanish Bride was saying she believes that Laila Harre was involved in providing the stick containing the Slaters hacked information, and that Hooten was involved with Harre as well.

          It will be interesting to see if this is explained in more depth in Slaters book 🙂

          • col

             /  2nd October 2015

            Will anyone be reading slater’s book?

            • ISBN

               /  2nd October 2015

              @ col

              I understand Fran O’Sullivan has pre-ordered a signed copy. So there’s one….

            • It’s quite odd to be pre-selling a book for which no details have been given about what it’s about. Not even a title has been given yet. No indication of the book form, nor it;s size.

              They are asking $20 per copy or $30 for an author signed copy.

              They have stated it “It is the first of many planned books”, so is Slater going to drip feed books like he drip feeds posts?

              Book 1 may be little more than chapter 1.

      • DaveG

         /  30th September 2015

        @pete. Make no mistake Laila Harre is a smart operator, she is strategic and intelligent, but unfortunately chose the life of a far leftie and union hugger.

  6. Back on topic. I like it when those who would be the doyens of political commentary, who are sought by all and sundry to comment on the minutiae and machinations, for all their effort to achieve gravitas, turn out to be dweebs and dorks.
    Weird how jumped up little twerps expect me to take them seriously.

  7. Mike C

     /  30th September 2015

    Remember last year, just before the General Election, when Cameron and Juana Slater told everybody in Whale Oil that DotCom had phoned them up and asked them to go out to the Mansion and visit him.

    I have always wondered if that meeting took place, as much as Slater told us it didn’t.

    Anybody who has ever visited that Mansion is tainted, and should not ever be trusted.

    Harre has obviously been to the Mansion.

    Has Hooten been?

    I know McCarten has been to the Mansion.

    Who else is known to have been to the Mansion … aside from Russel Norman and John Banks and Jordan Williams. LOL.

  8. on a blog no one reads is.

    We are not no one.

    Hooton is a dipshit.

  9. grantaviuskennarius

     /  30th September 2015

    “far-centre conspiracy theorist”

    A phrase worthy of embedding in your masthead.

    • Mike C

       /  30th September 2015


      “Far-Centre”. LOL.

      Clearly … Far-Left and Far-Right are no longer part of the equation 🙂

    • Yeah, I might do that. Except that it’s not accurate – but far left-centre-right-depending-on-the-issue doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  10. Kevin

     /  1st October 2015

    “Interesting to see him resorting to lame put downs. He get’s much bigger audiences than I do but seems a bit sensitive doesn’t to being put on text record.”

    Looks like he’s been posting on The Standard too long and the nastiness is rubbing off.

  1. “A far-centre conspiracy theorist” | Your NZ

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