A rouge seal

This story has remained misspelled all day at NZ Herald.

Seal bites boy

A rouge seal attacked a 10-year-old in Mahia yesterday

A rouge seal attacked a 10-year-old in Mahia yesterday

I guess it’s mouth is pink, that’s close-ish to rouge.

The Herald must have a rogue editor.

Here’s a rouge seal:

Also a rouge Seal apparently:

A red seal:

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  1. Mike C

     /  1st October 2015

    You should have used Adobe Paintshop to do some red spots on the Seals cheeks 🙂

    Someone please upload a photo of a Seal with rouge on its cheeks. LOL.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  1st October 2015

    I could never get used to slips being underpants and not petticoats in Europe.

    There was a better one in our Council notices; a Public Health Meeting. One letter had been missed out of Public 😀

    • Mike C

       /  1st October 2015


      I so hoped your comment would contain a seal wearing rouge on its cheeks 🙂

      BUGGER !!!

  3. Hollyfield

     /  1st October 2015

    I think it’s too soon to be commenting that it has remained misspelled all day. That’s nothing. This article from 13 September, over two weeks ago, still has a misspelled word.


    The couple lice in Apex, North Carolina and Mrs Roach told the New Zealand Herald that the town’s motto was “The Peak of Good Living”.

    • kittycatkin

       /  2nd October 2015

      That could be a Freudian slip or someone unable to resist it 🙂

  4. jaspa

     /  1st October 2015

    Stuff’s spelling and grammar mistakes have their own Facebook page.



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