Sterile Space and pot luck

Something in the local Rothesay News made me chuckle.

Pioneer Hall News

With the kitchen now a Dunedin City Council Base Sterile Space to celebrate the registration and completion of a VERY drawn out process, we’ll celebrate with a community pot luck on Saturday.

One way to ensure the kitchen remains sterile is to get everyone to bring their own food, presumably from non-registered kitchens.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  5th October 2015

    How can anywhere be sterile, anyway ? As soon as the door is opened, the sterility is gone. Two local vhurches have installed sterilisers for the dishes-they obviously haven;t worked out that the dishes will become unsterile as soon as they’re removed from the machine ! The excuse for this waste of money was, for one of them at least, that OSH insisted upon it because the church hall is used for things like community dinners, This was drivel. OSH said.says no such thing, The church isn’t acting as a restaurant, It seems that OSH is a handy hook upon which people can hang their own sloppy thinking and wishes. The vicar insisted that the church doors be kept wide open even in winter because OSH supposedly demanded this. It’s odd that OSH doesn’t require it of any other church in NZ.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  5th October 2015

    One of my chemistry lecturers commented that we eat off crockery etc that we wouldn’t dream of using for a chemical assay or synthesis. But the animal kingdom has evolved to cope. Now bureaucracy is trying to undo evolution.

    • kittycatkin

       /  5th October 2015

      I cannot see how people cannot understand that something is unsterile the minute it’s taken from a sterile environment. I am a frightful fool at science,my degrees are in literature, languages and history, but even I can work that one out,

  3. jamie

     /  5th October 2015

    What a lovely building.


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