Ardern/Labour would ignore international commitments

Jacinda Ardern, apparently speaking on behalf of the Labour Party, said they would pass laws regardless of and presumably contrary to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Stuff reported Labour to carry on regardless of TPPA – Ardern

A Labour Government will make laws without regard to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and if necessary “face the consequences”.

That was the view of Jacinda Ardern, Labour MP and spokesperson for small business, speaking at a Chamber of Commerce event in Rotorua on Tuesday.

“When we’re in Government we’ll continue to legislate as we would and we’ll face the consequences,” she said.

Ardern said that Labour was not against free trade agreements, but that the TPPA had been passed with very little Parliamentary scrutiny.

“This was very different to your usual trade agreement,” she said.

“It wasn’t just state to state, it was corporate to state.”

There’s been some claims that Ardern has modelled her political career on Helen Clark. This appears not to be the case.

Where’s the common sense and discipline in Labour? Their reaction to the TPPA this week, in leader Andrew Little’s absence, and in spokesperson for Trade David Parker’s absence, has been awful. And this is as bad as it has got.

Deputy leader material? No way on this nonsense.

Ardern is also spokesperson for Justice. And she has suggested Labour should pass laws that ignore international agreements.

This questions her qualifications for another of her roles, spokesperson for Children.

Unless Stuff stuffed up this report, surely Labour wouldn’t go along with this nonsense from Ardern.

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  1. Sorry, I have a huge problem with this alleged position of Jacinda. If it is correct, she is saying that she will change agreements entered into legally by the Government of the day to the detriment of income earning of all New Zealanders, regardless of the consequences. I am NOT going to be an ideological slave nor I believe is most thinking Kiwis. She is trying to place herself as a leader of the movement to destroy New Zealand, and is not going to prevail.

    • I’m quite gobsmacked by this. Sure she might think it’s cool to play to the activist left but MPs are supposed to act with some intelligence and knowledge of how things actually work in government and with international legal agreements.

  2. Hmmmm…….. this shows how dumb Labour are becoming. International Trade is the life blood of NZ…. these sorts of statements from a person who would be a Senior Minister in any Labour lead Government in 2017 will be noted by our trading partners and not seen in a good light….

    If Ardern wanted to say anything it should have been guarded and measured not damn the torpedoes….. She hasn’t even seen the full text…..

  3. She is close to Robertson who is finance spokesman so her saying this must carry some weight. All be interesting to see Little’s response when he returns. I can’t see him taking a position contrary to this as it will flame the perceptions of internal division in Labour.

    • So has Little been snookered in his absence or has he approved of this? Either way it doesn’t look flash for Labour.

      • No it doesn’t. I don’t think Little would have approved of this, after all he’ll want to make his own announcement himself not let Jacinda do it for him in Roto Vagas. Intersting to that Grant hasn’t (to my knowledge) disavowed her statement. If he lets it stand, it risks becoming the official Robertson Camp position – what will Little do then?

  4. J Bloggs

     /  8th October 2015

    Looks like Jacinda is trying to prove Phil Quin correct:

  5. Labour will break international treaties – regardless of the cost.
    With this, Labour make the step from merely incompetent to outright completely irresponsible. They are obviously no longer interested in Government, but want to remain a loud protest group.

  6. DaveG

     /  9th October 2015

    Jacinda is either a fool, or a rat cunning political operative, who hasn’t looked at this too strategically. I’m picking the former ! However, she has spoken and she is the last labour person standing. It seems the others are conveniently on holiday, or are in a retreat working out their next move. I expect she will get a call from her mentor and previous boss soon telling her to pull her horns in. NB She is almost a perfect deputy for labour leadership, she shares the and quality as Andy, another unwanted scum list MP, is she makes deputy, that means in 2017, both the leader and the deputy would be unelected and unwanted by the people!

  7. rayinnz

     /  9th October 2015

    I am fairly sure we will hear that she “misspoke ” or more likely was “misreported ” as it beggars belief that Labour think this is the way to go when they reach the government benches

  8. Brown

     /  9th October 2015

    IR’d like to see her flip the bird to the UN agreements that get signed but being a Marxist front organisation that Labour loves she wont dare do that.


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