Which B Edwards?

The first (and currently only) review of Cameron Slater’s book Dodgy Unions on Amazon:

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By B Edwards on October 11, 2015

Didn’t want to like it, but it is unique both in New Zealand politics and political books, and for that alone it needs to exist. Although Cam Slater’s personal distaste of unions is clear and provided as a rider from page 1, the actual content appears factual. The main take-away point for me is that Labour allow themselves to be controlled by the union movement but are actually getting very little in return. If the book achieves anything, I would hope it makes the Labour Party take note and change its direction in proportion.

This has raised some speculation on Twitter about which B Edwards.

Not moi!

Not me either.

Bryce Edwards hasn’t responded yet, but he hasn’t been on Twitter since 9th October.


Bryce Edwards

Wtf! Definitely not me! It’s a conspiracy against us “B Edwards” people.

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  1. Mike C

     /  12th October 2015

    Pretty sure that Bruce Edwards has some sort of connection with Slater’n’Co.

    They wrote a post about Bryce Edwards last year … which … at the time seemed strange to me.

    It was probably a “Paid-For-Post” 🙂

    • Mike C

       /  12th October 2015

      “Bryce” … not … “Bruce” 🙂

      I am talking about the “B. Edwards” that is a lecturer at Dunedin University.

  2. Richard

     /  13th October 2015

    The reviewers name has now changed to “GOTCHA”

    I see this is one of three scenarios

    1) “B Edwards” is Pete Belt
    2) Someone’s having a bit of a laugh and posted a review under B Edwards.
    3) Someone on the left posting as B Edwards to get Bryce Edward’s attention.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  13th October 2015

    There are 109 people in NZ called B Edwards, according to the White Pages.

    • I didn’t have all their Twitter IDs so couldn’t ask them all. Your could ring around them if you like, but P Belt seems the likely culprit.


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