Ministry of Health approves medicinal cannabis treatment

The parents of 7 year old girl Zoe Jeffries have obtained Ministry of Health approval fore 6 months use of Sativex. This is one of a total of 97 ministerial approvals for the cannabis derived medicine. It shows that it is possible now to get medicinal cannabis, although it isn’t easy.

And it isn’t cheap – Zoe’s parents are fund raising to try and cover the costs. See the bottom of this post for details.

It’s also far from easy caring for a girl with uncontrolled epilepsy, spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, microcephaly, cerebral visual impairment, is tube fed and who has had severe seizures since birth.

It shouldn’t be this difficult getting medicines that may help.

NZ Herald reports Ministry approves cannabis treatment for 7-year-old girl:

The parents of a 7-year-old girl have the green light to use medicinal cannabis to control their daughter’s severe seizures.

Karen and Adam Jeffries have Health Ministry approval to give their daughter Zoe the cannabis oil-based mouth spray Sativex for the next six months.

“It has been a long time coming, it’s great news,” mum Karen Jeffries told the Herald on Sunday.

The Jeffries began researching medical cannabis in 2013 in the hope of finding a drug to reduce the hundreds of seizures their daughter suffers each day.

Two years is a long time to obtain a medicine that may help. And there is only one cannabis based medicine currently available in New Zealand. It may or may not be the most appropriate to try.

The Rotorua girl is understood to be one of the youngest in New Zealand to receive the medicine. Another child, a 5-year-old, has been approved use.

“We have been on it for a couple of weeks so it is early days but she is a lot more settled already.”

“You want to try to control the seizures that cause additional brain damage, but also you want to allow your child a life, to be awake and not drowsy, or have the strength to stand or just hold their head up high,” her father Adam said.

The medicine hadn’t dramatically changed the number of seizures Zoe suffers but this week, teachers at Glenholme School in Rotorua said she returned to school happier.

“When she started school this week they saw a completely different child,” Karen Jeffries said. “She was a lot more settled and was able to cope with noise and was a lot less distressed.”

It’s a lot to hope for a miracle cure for such serious medical problems, but parents should be able to hope for some improvement in their child’s condition. It’s good to see that that may be being achieved.

But it is expensive for the Jeffries.

Sativex is the only approved cannabis-based medicine registered with Pharmac but is not funded. It can be prescribed by a doctor but each case needs Health Ministry approval. To date, there have been 97 ministerial approvals, and there are currently 27 users of Sativex.

Each bottle lasts around four weeks and costs $1050. The Jeffries paid for the first script with a well-timed tax return and have set up a Givealittle page to help fund repeat scripts.

Givealittle ‘Meds for Zoe’: Please help Zoe continue with the chance at a better quality of life…

For information on medicinal cannabis in New Zealand: United in Compassion

United In Compassion NZ is a non profit lobby for the re-introduction of Medicinal Cannabis and a community for patients and carers. We are on a journey to access medicinal cannabis through Education, Compassion and Logic.

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  1. So this article is pointing out, further misinformation that Dunne & others are pushing, by saying cannabis medicine is available (if you jump through enough hoops) in NZ.. BUT :

    1) Sativex also contains THC (the compound that creates the ‘high’), so.. is it really suitable to prescribe this drug to a 7 year old girl ?
    There are other cannabis drugs with CBD only, which I understand are approved overseas & are more effective for treating Epilepsy; eg Elixinol

    2) it is cheaper to buy cannabis on the black-market & make you own ‘medicinal oil’.. This is ridiculous !

    This highlights the extremely minimalist view: ‘we will allow ONE cannabis drug & regardless of whether it meets all requirements.. thats it.. tough luck’. All this other B-S about allowing ‘leaf cannabis’ is just that. Sativex is extracted from ‘leaf cannabis’ (made by GW Pharm. in UK).

    Dunne & this Nat.-led Govt. are just filing the air with a ‘smokescreen’ to maintain their biased agenda.. effectively ignoring the advances in other OECD countries.

    The other totally ridiculous statements I hear :

    3) Every different/seperate cannabis drug has to be tested by Medsafe to ensure they are fit for purpose. SO why are these drugs deemed safe in Canada, USA, Aust. etc. BUT not in NZ ? Are they saying these other countries can’t be trusted, to get it right ??

    4) Cannabis has been called a ‘New Drug’ BUT the reality is, it has been used medicinally for 1000s of years. It was only 20th century prohibition that created this situation. It is time to remove the blinkers & face the TRUE facts !

    btw; I reaffirm.. I am not just using this as an excuse to push ‘marijuana legalisation’ as some people have claimed.. 😦

  1. Government moves to legalise growing medicinal cannabis… | Your NZ

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