Trotter and rebooting the unions to fund Labour

Chris Trotter has another lengthy complaint about Labour in relation to the TPPA, posted at  both The Daily Blog (he must have an exemption from their exclusive post requirement) and at Bowalley – Burning Down The House: Why Does The Labour Caucus Keep Destroying The Labour Party In Order To Save It?

It’s heavy going so I’ll skip to the conclusion where he suggests a peoples’ revolution to get Labour on a Corbynite track to then facilitate the People’s Revolution of New Zealand.

Only a mass influx of people determined to make policy – not tea – can rescue the Labour Party from the self-perpetuating parliamentary oligarchy that currently controls it.

Only a rank-and-file membership that is conscious of, and willing to assert, its rights – as the Corbynistas are doing in the United Kingdom – has the slightest hope of selecting a caucus dedicated to circulating the whole oxymoronic notion of democratic elitism out of New Zealand’s political system altogether.

The way this can be done is discussed in the comments, with suggestions that a return to compulsory unionism is the way to fund Labour so they can be a proper party.


The Labour party has to go to the same sources to get funding as the Gnats, therein lays the problem they have. Which is why I have said that Unions should be made compulsory again and then Labour can get funding via them.

Green supporter Simon Cohen isn’t happy with this:

So Bushbaptist you want to make Unions compulsory again so that their members dues will contribute to the Labour Party and get them elected.And you wonder why so many of us are now anti union.I would object to my union fees going to support Labour when I am a strong supporter of the only true left wing party in NZ the Greens.

That makes him a traitorous fake to the left, or at least to Greywarbler::

You don’t know anything Simon if you don’t know that and you might as well be a Nat as you think like them. Perhaps indeed you are just playing at being a Green for the purposes of commenting here. Your anti-union stance doesn’t fit with the Greens I know. But perhaps you are part of a modern plan to subvert the energy and commitment to Green ideals as RWs did to Labour? That would be par for the course for an anti-union Nat.

And Greywarbler endorses the union revolution for Labour.

This is where the unions come in, to re-energise Labour, get Labour onto its avowed task which is to look out for the country and assist all to a reasonable and now sustainable living.

And to bring funds in from those who enthusiastically back that goal, just as National gets funds from those who back themselves and their narrow clique only, with gusto.

Trotter comes in and points out an obvious problem with this plan…

Our problem, Grey Warbler, is that in order to re-boot the union movement, it is first necessary to re-boot the Labour Party and get it elected. We appear to be caught in a classic “Catch-22” situation!

…but notably doesn’t disagree with compulsory unionism being a source of funding for Labour.

Bushbaptist also slams the Greens.

Firstly the Greens have no show of becoming a major party in the medium term anyway, there is not enough grassroots support for them. Secondly they are NOT LEFT! THEY ARE CENTRIST! The only remotely thing one can say about their political position is that they are “Left” of both Labour and National. The Greens only support ordinary workers who vote for them not for the protection of all low paid workers in general.

So if the Greens aren’t proper LEFT…

Simon you have conflated what I said. You can vote for who-ever you wish. The Unions would support Labour by financing them.

…so should be forced to join unions and finance another party.

I wonder how many people choose not to join a union now because some of the unions finance Labour?

Rebooting the unions would be relooting the workers.

The revolution doesn’t look like threatening New Zealand any time soon.

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  1. Sponge

     /  20th October 2015

    Christ these people disgust me. They think that they should have the right to take money of people, without their agreement no less, to further their causes and not those who are paying. Imagine the outrage if National suggested businesses should be compelled to have membership in Business Roundtables or Chambers of Commerce if they (Roundtables or C of C’s) were funding National?

    What pricks.

  2. jaspa

     /  21st October 2015

    These people are starting to sound crazier by the day. No one wants to have a great big revolution! Or be forced to contribute to the Labour party.

    What Labour needs to do is get someone who knows something about fundraising on board to help them out. And keep their dirty little fingers out of workers’ pockets.

    • But but but fundraisng means cosying up to the rick pricks and the 1% corporations. That’s supping with the devil.

      What better way to support a socialist party than compulsory unions with compulsory tithes to the party?

  3. Bill Hodge said that compulsory unionism was a disaster for kiwi unions because it didn’t allow them to learn how to walk. The fact is, unions here are socialist and more interested in flexing their muscle than helping their members. If compulsory unionism is reintroduced then all the extra member dues will more than likely be used to fund things like pointless strikes.

  4. Cute – force…. it always comes down to force….

    If Unions were any good at their jobs then membership would be a lot higher…. or if businesses treated their employees so badly membership would be a lot higher…. people are not stupid and understand strength in numbers when bargaining for wages and benefits…

    WOBH have had a constant riff that since Mike Williams moved on as a lead official the fund raising effort has collapsed… so the real problem isn’t tapping the Unions for dollars its fund raising organisation in general….

  5. AJ Liberphile

     /  22nd October 2015

    Mass influx of people = invasion by uncivilised hordes. Wake up people.


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