Progressive hope turns to Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has just won the election in Canada, giving new hope to Progressives and Lefties that the world might find a way of swinging left.

The Corbyn hope seemed to hit with a hiss and a roar and then subside quickly when the reality of UK’s Labour Party being entrenched in Opposition for the next five years.

Can Trudeau be copied in New Zealand?

It should be noted that Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party had been in government since 2006. Three terms and nine years is a good dig. Coming back for a fourth term is challenging for any government.

Michael at The Standard hopes it’s a wider revolution than that:

First victory for a progressive party in the Anglosphere…

Now we just need to get the UK, Australia, and NZ out of Tory control.


Great news. Tides starting to turn? I hope so.

Josie Pagani posts at The Pundit:

We need to talk about the one per cent

One per cent of the world’s population now control half its wealth.

The concentration of more and more resources in fewer and fewer hands has actually accelerated since the global financial crisis. This is no accident. It is the outcome of policy decisions made – or avoided – by political leaders either unable to learn the lessons of the crisis or unwilling to act on them.

After discussing a range of issues she concludes with Trudeau hope:

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party in Canada just won government by running an up-beat, optimistic campaign to tackle inequality, invest in infrastructure, and manage markets so they work for the 99 per cent not just the 1 per cent. That’s how progressive parties win.

Chris Trotter’s wild swings of late are back in positive mode, but he just looked at the sunshine coming out in Canada in Here Comes The Sun: Justin Trudeau Changes Canada’s Political Climate.

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  1. Brown

     /  23rd October 2015

    He’s pro gay marriage and Islamic immigration – nothing else matters.

  2. Geoffrey Monks

     /  23rd October 2015

    I like what Josie Paganai has to say

  3. traveller

     /  23rd October 2015

    Trotter and various Standardistas and letters to the editor. Is it just me or does the starry-eyed left swooning over recent appointments (the the opposition in Corbyn’s case!) and their dream of “progressive” heaven get on anyone else’s nerves.
    Whether it is Corbyn,Trudeau, Cunliffe some commentators have a religious and childlike divinity meinung about them It’s all so confirmed before you’re baptised ascension. Let’s see how the country that produced Bieber gets on with their new pretty boy Trudeau. Let’s see Corbyn even get past first base before running towards the light singing salvation songs.
    The irony is that this crew are the ones who talk disparagingly about the cult for Key. I’ve never seen or heard a single centrist talk about him with reverential glow like the left idealogue does about their leaders.

  4. Loki

     /  23rd October 2015

    Trudeau is a centrist. The desperate left are clinging to him as a beacon of change while completely ignoring the fact that the main left wing party was decimated.
    Shallow thinking again.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  23rd October 2015

      Yes, when I was in Canada with Pierre Trudeau PM the Liberals were French Canadian based and relatively conservative.

  5. Rob Salmond at Public Address:

    But from the outside I see a historically centre-centre-left party winning by being itself, against the shadow of a deeply unpopular incumbent. It’s another data point for broadly progressive causes to consider, going into the pantheon right next to, but very different from, Jeremy Corbyn’s victory an in internal party election last month.


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