Should Key treat office of PM with more respect?

A Herald editorial says that Prime Minister John key should treat his office with more respect. They say that things like candid admissions in a recent radio interview robs the office of dignity.

Editorial: Too much information robs office of dignity

How does John Key get away with these things? To expose himself on radio to personal questions to which he can answer only yes or no is bound to endanger the dignity of his office. Thanks to an appearance on Hauraki’s breakfast programme, we now know our Prime Minister has, among other things, stolen something and peed in a shower.

Though that is more than we want to know, it is less than we might learn.

Certainly Key’s answers were more than we need to know, and more than some want to know.

Should Key be candid about personal things? Or should he shut himself off on a Prime Ministerial pedestal? Would that gibe the media more chance of knocking him off it?

To me some of what Key has said and done is not a good look for anyone let alone Prime Minister, especially the pony tail pulling.

But should be have to hide away his personal; character while he’s Prime Minister?

He did not seem at all embarrassed this week when the radio segment was screened on American television’s popular satirical programme Last Week Tonight.

So what’s the problem? Does it diminish his ability to be a respectable Prime Minister?

Those who like him and vote for him will like him all the more for the enjoyment he clearly derives from the lighter side of his job.

It’s a key part of his image, cultivated for political purposes but also obviously revealing a bit of how he is as a person.

Those with no time for him will be disgusted at what he has admitted and think it no part of his job to be answering questions such as these.

But I’ve seen those who have no time for him disgusted at things he does as Prime Minister as a part of his job, like promote policies that he believes in. Like flag referendums.

He is candid to a fault. He holds our highest elected office and he should treat it with more respect.

Or should media respect his right to be himself sometimes, even in front of the media?

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  1. Wah wah wah… Key is a bad man meme version3.1.0.1.g release 6i…. and on it goes….

    Time for the Left and their mates to remember what Michael Cullen said about winning and losing and eating things…..

    Personal I think he should button back some of the stuff that is a bit to teenagerish but I suppose politically he is looking to engage with an under 30 mindset I just don’t understand anymore…

    • kiwi_guy

       /  24th October 2015

      I’ve addressed this issue previously and been hated on for doing so. Western culture has been steadily poisoned off by the “Progressive” with their Cultural Marxist hyper relativism or nihilistic narcissism.

      • Joe Bloggs

         /  24th October 2015


        Lost me there k-g, please elaborate – I won’t hate you. Might chew my arm off in the morning rather than wake you but I won’t hate you…!

  2. Brown

     /  24th October 2015

    Its a worry when to engage with the under 30 mindset you have to behave like a wanker. My boys are just over 30 and had long given away childishness.

  3. David

     /  24th October 2015

    I think the editorial reflects the prevailing anti Key/National that pervades the small jerk circle of the luvvies in Auckland. I sometimes listen to Alison Mau on her talkback and you can see clearly the clique and their group think which is so far out of touch with mainstream thinking, even Willy finds it a bit much. What is National polling in Auckland 50plus some percent !

    You would think given their declining audiences and Nationals poll ratings and how badly they keep calling public opinion some shareholder might ask why these threads arnt being put together. Maybe look at the declining unprofitable Guardian and the profitable Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Fox News compared to MSNBC.

  4. An editorial that says more about the decline of the NZ Herald and Key Derangement Syndrome.

  5. Zedd

     /  24th October 2015

    I could care less about what Key says on Radio Hauraki (about his personal habits).. BUT maybe he should stop acting like the ‘Class Clown’ in Q-time, when most people think he should be acting more like a serious politician ! 😦

    • jamie

       /  24th October 2015

      That’s what I like about question time. Many deride it as a waste of time but I believe it’s an opportunity to observe our representatives under pressure, which strips away the constructed, contrived personas and reveals their true character.

      The trouble is that no-one except you and I are watching.

  6. jamie

     /  24th October 2015

    I think it’s up to him if he wants to be remembered as a clown.

  7. John Schmidt

     /  24th October 2015

    JK is very much his own man and he listens to his advisors but does not always adopt their recommendations. This is his leadership style. He also demonstrates that despite his wealth and life successes he is the same as all of us and is happy to demonstrate that. People like that hence his popularity.

    • Zedd

       /  24th October 2015

      I have heard that this ‘man of the people’ is just a mask to ‘fool the people’ . & fool YOU, he has.
      There’s a saying “You can fool ALL the people some of the time & SOME of the people, all the time… BUT you can’t fool all the people, ALL the time” ..maybe that time is coming soon !
      “would the REAL John Key.. please stand up !” :/

  8. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th October 2015

    The arrogance and irrelevance of the long distance journalist. The Herald continues its slide into oblivion while the world sails on merrily.

  9. Mike C

     /  24th October 2015

    John Key’s occasional public goofiness is one of many natural personal attributes that has made him so very popular and appealing and approachable.

    It’s a part of his personality that normal everyday people really appreciate 🙂


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