Blog Watch – Tuesday

Blog Watch is an open forum similar to Open Forum where any topic can be introduced, but with a focus on New Zealand blogs and social media.

This expands on the aim for Your NZ to be a joint project with the more people contributing and the more variety the better.

A general guideline – post opinion on or excerpts from and links to blog posts or comments of interest, whether they are praise, criticism, pointing out issues or sharing useful information.

If being critical address the issues and don’t do personal abuse. Constructive and reasonably balanced criticism is more effective than general moans.

As usual avoid anything that could cause any legal issues such as potential defamation or breaching suppression orders.

Remember – the Blog of the damned well determined to express opinions and hold to account regardless of attempts to shut us up.

Also remember that keeping things civil, legal and factual is more effective and harder to argue against or discredit.

If you want to display screen shots the images will need to be saved on the Internet and a link put in the comment. Sometimes full links don’t work, if I see any like this I will try to repair them in the comment when I get time. Note that image links should normally end something like .jpg .jpeg .png etc.

Note that sometimes other blogs get irate if their material is highlighted elsewhere but the Internet is specifically designed to share and repeat information and anyone who comments or puts anything into a public forum should be aware that it could be republished elsewhere (but attribution is essential).

If comments raise issues deserving of a full post I may use content to do a post, and may expand on it.

If anyone has information worthy of a full post you can contact me, details in About.

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  1. Half a proverb at Whale Oil today:

    19 is someone who lies to a friend and then says, I was only joking.

    That didn’t make any sense to me so I followed the link to find the rest of it:

    18 Just as damaging
    as a madman shooting a deadly weapon
    19 is someone who lies to a friend
    and then says, “I was only joking.”

    Apart from the overstated likeness between a madman shooting and lying to a friend it’s odd that it was only half quoted.

    • Mike C

       /  27th October 2015


      I have often wondered if the Daily Proverb at the Whale is used as a method of giving shit and poking a stick at one or another of the Whale Staff Members who have done something wrong 🙂

  2. David Farrar has posted an interesting graphic in NZ a stand out for digital evolution

    • unitedtribes2

       /  27th October 2015

      Had to ask Wiki what “digital Ecosystem” was. In a word seems to be who’s best at Face book. Actually its really nice to see that Greece can beat Germany at something. I presume yellow is way out in front somewhere

    • traveller

       /  27th October 2015

      Is it the whole well-travelled, need to keep in touch over a long distance Kiwi thing? So many of us have lived and travelled all over the world. I’d say that well over 50% of my FB friends are ex-pats or foreign.

  3. Loki

     /  27th October 2015

    Proverb of the day is click bait but started as a thanks to his seriously dodgy mate in the church who funded him for years while he was trying to get the insurance payout.
    It is amazing that his mate has never been outed as the early brains and funder of the fat boy.

  4. Eh?

     /  27th October 2015

    So Slater is doing a moan about people’s fines being wiped…he who unashamedly puts out the begging bowl to fund his own self-inflicted, legal miseries. He who is the ultimate sponger, a man of little substance who refuses to get off his chuff and EARN a living. What does he do all day??

  5. Pete Kane

     /  27th October 2015

    Not my favourite site but this was interesting – mainly because this disgrace never been resolved.

    “Maori TV and the mediapocalypse”

    “Forbes and Lee’s main topic was the series of programmes they made about the finances of the Kohanga Reo National Trust Board, starting with A Question of Trust (September 2013).”


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