No Trudeau in NZ Greens co-leadership

The left wing hope has moved on from UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In Chris Trotters quest to find “some Trudeauesque magic” to inspire a real left wing victory (or perhaps that could be a really left wing victory) in 2017 he considers Green co-leader James Shaw but quickly moves on to Winston Peters.

From his latest column at Stuff – Chris Trotter: Can Labour find someone to weave some Trudeauesque magic?:

Inevitably, those New Zealanders favouring a change of government in 2017 are scouring the ranks of opposition parties for a Kiwi politician capable of bringing some Trudeau magic to our own political arena.

Not surprisingly Trotter is one of those favouring a change of government, and he is scouring the ranks of opposition parties.

The Greens male co-leader, James Shaw, certainly shares much with Trudeau in terms of projecting youthful energy and good looks. Less certain, however, is his willingness to adopt the Liberal leader’s strategy of inviting voters from across the political spectrum to join his nationwide crusade for “real change”.

And, even if he was up to persuading his colleagues to leave the the safety of their eco-socialist strongholds, and embrace the political centre, would he be able to persuade the electorate that the Greens, in office, would remain politically centred?

It is the curse of the Greens to be perceived as enthusiastic promoters of a rather narrow ideological agenda. Historically, the Canadian Liberal Party has attracted solid voter support across the whole electorate. It’s a trick New Zealand’s Greens have yet to master.

There’s a certain amount of irony in Trotter cursing the Greens for being “enthusiastic promoters of a rather narrow ideological agenda” but I guess Trotter swings between almost manic enthusiasm and despondency at the hopelessness of his dreams.

NZ First, by contrast, has never ceased presenting itself as a party with the broadest possible voter appeal. Indeed, in its early days, back in the early 1990s, its support rivalled that of the National Party’s.

Unashamedly populist in his political instincts, NZ First’s long-time leader, Winston Peters, would dearly love to replicate Trudeau’s utter trouncing of John Key’s good “mate”, Stephen Harper. Unfortunately, youthfulness is not a quality many people associate with NZ

Many people probably see a few other qualities lacking in Peters and NZ First too. It’s unlikely to see him do a Trudeau in New Zealand in 2017.

While James Shaw is undeniably ambitious it’s a huge task to try and triple Green support.

And Trotter ignores a major feature of Green leadership.

It’s not Shaw who will be waving the Green flag next election, it will be Metiria Turei+James Shaw, presuming they are both co-leaders then.

The Green system of co-leadership limits the chance of a charismatic leader, because their two leaders must share duties and exposure.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  27th October 2015

    Maybe they need to find a beta male ( plenty of those around these days) whose mummy raised him as a feminist:

    “Speaking in a recent TV interview (via The Star) Trudeau said: “Yes, Yes. I am a feminist. Proud to be a feminist. My mom raised me to be a feminist.”

    His feminist mummy’s only achievement in life was marrying a rich powerful man who had worked hard all his life. A gold digger who was 30 years his junior, she went on to have affairs with Ted Kennedy and Mick Jagger:

    “1977: Margaret Trudeau and the Rolling Stones. Margaret Trudeau spent her sixth wedding anniversary without her prime minister husband, instead partying with the Rolling Stones at a Toronto nightclub and later in Mick Jagger’s limousine. The rendezvous sparked rumours that she was having an affair with the band’s front man. She later disappeared to New York. The scandal signalled the end of the couple’s tumultuous marriage, but Margaret Trudeau denied having affairs with any members of the Rolling Stones, later telling a conference on mental health, “I should have slept with every single one of them.”

    “Margaret smuggled drugs in the prime minister’s luggage, made scantily clad appearances at Studio 54, and tore apart a tapestry in the prime minister’s official residence in Ottawa because it celebrated “reason over passion”

    LIke the champagne socialist he is, the son regurgitates feminist talking points:

    “Speaking of the inherent misogyny in society, Trudeau also said certain music, pornography, and absent fathers were in part to blame. “I think there’s probably an awful lot of factors that come together to shape societal behaviours, certain types of music — you know, there’s an awful lot of misogyny in certain types of music, there’s issues around pornography and its prevalence now and its accessibility.”

    LOL, blaming absent fathers? How about holding to account his gold digging, promiscuous mother for her appalling behaviour.

    [NOTE: this comment went to moderation because of the number of links in it. It’s an automatic part of spam protection. If you want to avoid this then post separate comments with up to three links per comment. PG]

  2. Is Metiria still operational?

    I gather she’s off somewhere; it’s been blessedly quiet from that seat for some time.

  3. Brown

     /  27th October 2015

    Shaw will be waving the flag alone because Turei would have to get off her arse to do that so won’t.

  4. gunangler

     /  27th October 2015

    Kiwi Guy commented above…..
    “Maybe they need to find a beta male ( plenty of those around these days) whose mummy raised him as a feminist:

    “Speaking in a recent TV interview (via The Star) Trudeau said: “Yes, Yes. I am a feminist. Proud to be a feminist. My mom raised me to be a feminist.”

    Well that rules us at the new OUTDOORS Party out! (smiley)


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