Open Parachute?

On Blog Watch unitedtribes2 asked “Why isn’t Your NZ registering on Parachute?”

If you don’t know Open Parachute blog ranking see September ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

There’s a bit of a story to this. To be on Open Parachute you have to run a statistics counter like Sitemeter and sign up to OP.

Originally YourNZ was too small and I didn’t want to appear as 59th.

Then things grew, but the key OP ranking number, visits/month, are relatively low here compared to page views because of the site design and how people visit here – the stats are often misleading.

Over the last six months as things have grown a lot here OP has had major problems, with some numbers obviously very inaccurate.

And the design of this site is deliberately  based on minimum clicks to view, to make it easy to read and navigate. That reduces the page views – many people come to the home page only and read several posts without further clicks.

I’ve considered joining OP at various times but am still not sure I want to even now YNZ would probably regularly be somewhere in the top ten. Too much weight and bragging can be involved with fairly questionable comparisons.

And other sizeable blogs aren’t in their either, like Public Address and Pundit.

Actually I’m not sure where YourNZ would rankn on Open Parachute as I’ve never used Sitemeter statisitics.

I’d rather just make the site work as well as possible rather than become obsessed with numbers.

I’d prefer to work more on being effective than on becoming obsessed with a numbers game.

And I quite like flying under the media and populist radar.

But as always I’m open to suggestions on this.


  1. I can provide no compelling reason for you to change what you are doing at present. Are they prepared to pay for the information? What protection is there for our personal
    information etc? What value is there in it for you Pete? I am happy with your present formula especially the considerate (lack of obscene) language of this blog. I am a firm believer in “Manners maketh the Man” .

    • Mike C

       /  October 30, 2015


      I swear in here sometimes 🙂

      If you can live with me doing that from time to time … then I am sure that I can live with you being a fuddy-duddy. LOL.

      • kittycatkin

         /  October 30, 2015

        No. don’t bother; this is good as it is. I’d see no shame in being 59th; quality, not quantity is important, but I can’t see any real reason to change,

  2. David

     /  October 30, 2015

    There is one particular site that deliberately has its set up so you have to spend more time then than you have too and are made to click through unnecessarily for buggar all extra stuff just so they can brag at their stats each month…..oh no just hang on they have stopped their monthly brag fest because their numbers have tumbled due to their Collins love in but still have a site that is designed to deceive.

    • Mike C

       /  October 30, 2015


      I have no idea whatsoever who you are talking about.

      Could you please elaborate 🙂

    • Sponge

       /  October 30, 2015

      And have you noticed that the begging bowl always seems to get to just about 100% full at the end of every month?

      • Guest

         /  October 30, 2015


        Yes! I have often marvelled at their good fortune. Impossible. I cut my subscription, as have many others. Lies.

      • Guest

         /  October 30, 2015

        I got the “don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out” farewell. Classy.

      • Mike C

         /  October 30, 2015


        Yes … the Whale Oil spongers don’t seem to be able to stop holding out the begging bowl 🙂

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  October 30, 2015

    The normal use for statistics is to figure out what works and what doesn’t, rather than oneupmanship. If you know that anyway you don’t need them.

    • I keep an eye on internal numbers. Comparing day to day, month to month and seeing what posts rate more, where people come here from and where they go to is all useful information. Trying to compare it to anywhere else isn’t any use.

    • Sponge

       /  October 30, 2015

      Exactly. A “who has the biggest dick” competition is meaningless. Kiwiblog always comes in under WOBH in relation to page views but has a far bigger community who contribute. Dissent being permitted means it is is worthwhile contributing at KB and here as you can get challenged if you don’t follow the party line.

  4. Robby

     /  October 31, 2015

    Well Pete, IMHO the days of yourNZ ‘flying under the radar’ have well and truly passed. If both Mr Prentice & Mr (& Mrs) Slater come here for a look more often than they care to admit, you must be doing something right. I don’t come here because of a rating on OP, I come here because I can express an opinion, and have it challenged intelligently.