New Zealand (All Blacks) versus Australia (Wallabies)

Not long now until the World Cup final. I think the All Blacks should be able to do it, I hope they do it, but the Wallabies will start with a good chance of toppling them.

Four years bragging rights at stake. It won’t be the end of the world if we lose but it would be disappointing.

Here’s hoping for success for New Zealand.

All Blacks


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  1. Klik Bate

     /  31st October 2015

    ALL BLACKS by 12 and over 🙂

  2. Mike C

     /  31st October 2015

    I have betted against the All Blacks for both the quarters and semi’s … and we’ve won as a result of me doing that. LOL.

    I’m not about to start tempting fate at the final hurdle … so I am going to say that the score will be:-

    Australia – 25
    Our AB’s – 24

    I think it will be a low scoring game … and possibly quite a few players leaving the field with injuries 🙂

  3. traveller

     /  31st October 2015

    I’m getting very tetchy… think I need a Johnny Walker Double Black to soothe my jaded nerves.

    • Mike C

       /  31st October 2015


      Rum and Coke for me 🙂

      Am going to bed early tonight … and have my alarm set for 3am.

      Let’s hope we don’t choke.

  4. robbithole

     /  31st October 2015

    My prediction is a tie, 17-17

  5. Rod

     /  31st October 2015

    The All Blacks will win easy. Don’t know what the score will be. But it will be a walkover.

  6. SteveRemmington

     /  31st October 2015

    46-13 ABs

  7. Pete Kane

     /  1st November 2015

    13 and over would be both pleasant and very profitable. 3 nil would be extremely expensive but totally acceptable. (Whichever way it goes – and really should be only one – its going to be amusing watching the mood of the site next week, esp. if the unthinkable happens.)
    Enjoy the game ladies and gentlemen. (12.21 am)

  8. Pete Kane

     /  1st November 2015

    41 – 19

  9. Missy

     /  1st November 2015

    Well I have finally got on the internet. The game was midnight China time, and as there was a large delegation visiting from NZ a bar was booked for everyone to go and watch it, the bar even printed menus especially calling it the New Zealand Rugby Night. 🙂

    It was a great night had by all, though when the delegation broke out into impromptu Haka’s and songs in celebration I think the staff were not sure what was happening – to be honest I think for the most part they weren’t sure what was going on during the game either – especially the huge cheers whenever there was a close up of Richie! They did come and watch the game with us anyway, and they seemed to enjoy the reactions of the Kiwi crowd! It will be a Halloween those workers will remember I think!

    To be honest it is nights like last night that make me feel a little homesick for NZ, but enjoying the game with other Kiwi’s and enjoying a uniquely NZ celebration for the win was an amazing experience.


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