Conservative Party AGM?

There’s been at least two notifications of Conservative Party AGMs and announcement of a new Board of Management, but no sign of anything happening.


Colin Craig’s Conservative Party scheduled its Annual Conference this weekend.  It started on Friday evening, yesterday was the AGM, followed by a public meeting in the evening, and Colin and his closest friends are having a good conflab at the Centurion castle in Albany this morning.


As I arrived, the Concierge of the Novotel Ellerslie was very helpful and keen to assist me find the conference.   He wondered if I was there for the 50th birthday party?

“No”, I said, “I’m looking for the Conservative Party Annual Conference”.   Not missing a beat, the Concierge suggested I might be at the wrong hotel.

A political party that advertises its Annual Conference, including the all important AGM, and then doesn’t actually have it – is it still a political party?   Party insiders tell me that some members have been nominated for board positions, and (incongruously) ex-member and ex board chair Brian Dodds has agreed to vet them.   The constitution requires an appointment committee.

And a month later (mid-October) on Facebook:


I’ve searched for news and have found nothing.

The Conservative Party website says nothing about the September non-conference nor the October mystery conference.

The ‘Latest Update’ on the website is Colin Craig Statement of 19 June. Nothing since then, although the website has been updated and no longer shows Colin Craig as Party Leader (my last record of him stated as leader there was on July 28 – see Craig still acting as Conservative leader.

But Craig continues to show as leader on his Twitter account…


…but there hasn’t been any activity there since early August.

Back to Twitter this is his current home page which has also been inactive for three months.

ColinCraigFacebookThe Vote Colin Craig website that links to has also been inactive.

Is there still a Conservative Party?

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  1. It’s probably not that unusual for an organisation to shift a meeting date out, given the recent upheaval that has been experienced by the Conservative Party.

    What does seem clear is that a new Party Board is being elected, from which I would envisage a Party Leader will be elected, and then the Conservative Party will get on with the business of 2017.

    The Court cases will play themselves out, the truth via mutual disclosure will be revealed, and the voting public will determine the ultimate outcome for the Conservative Party, just as they did in 2014.

  2. Joe Bloggs

     /  1st November 2015

    Must be lonely there Steve… last man standing and all…

  3. kittycatkin

     /  1st November 2015

    If I was Colin Craig, I’d just quietly wind the party up and after an interval, start a new one.

    It must be annoying that all the good strong colours have been taken; that wishy-washy blue and the black and white (grey and white) photos made the party look wishy-washy. The anaemic photos were a really bad idea, If they were going to have b/w, they should have gone for deeper shades with more contrast. Their wholw election image was anaemic looking.

  4. I suspect we will all have a clearer picture post the (eventual) AGM. What’s that saying about “nothing hits as hard as life – it’s not about how many times or how hard you get hit, it’s about how many times and how hard you get hit and keep moving forward”.

    Made me think of the 2007 verses the 2011 (and now the 2015) All Black Team.

    Who would have thought that in 2007, the AB’s would have had such a rebound (twice)?

    Yes, yes, I know………….they have Ritchie.

  5. Pete Kane

     /  2nd November 2015

    2008 old chap, chronology is often important in ‘politics’.

  6. DaveG

     /  2nd November 2015

    I think they are kidding themselves a little, so with a dash of humour, I will rewrite it for them.

    The AGM of the Conservatives will be held in the Broom closet, of the Stewart Island Scout hall on December 32nd. Those wishing to attend are welcome to do so, but must advise in writing to Colin Craig. Please note, as this will be a popular event, space is limited. Colin has already completed the nominations, and once the AGM is over, he will come out of the broom closet, and announce all position holders.

    Media are advised they are not welcome, but Colin will fax the AGM minutes and his office holders on th e20th of December, embargoed until the 5th of January.


  7. kiwipolitician

     /  3rd November 2015

    No no no….. They posted the AGM notification long before the party crisis. It got canceled and they haven’t bothered to update it.


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