John Key at Rugby World Cup

John Key attended the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham. This was covered on social media. He changed his Twitter profile to mark the occasion:


More from Twitter:

Back-to-back Rugby World Cups, what an incredible game by the ! Absolute legends!

Good to see Key and Little jointly in support of the Al Blacks and New Zealand.

And some engagement with the Australian Prime Minister:


Congratulations v worthy world champions. A great campaign to the final & thrilling fight back by

And he sort of photo bombed, but not how some of his detractors predicted (see here):

Celebrating the win at Twickenham tonight with .

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Good to see Key and Andrew Little together representing New Zealand and marking a great win for the All Blacks.

And kudos to Key for tweeting this.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  2nd November 2015

    It’s worth reading this just for a laugh at the pitiful, miserable, whinging Lefty sods who inhabit the Herald’s column comments:

    I’m not particularly a rugby fan but I enjoy top class competition and performance in most things, especially beating the Aussies of course. The humourless malcontents who have to whinge about it are a sorry bunch.

    • traveller

       /  2nd November 2015

      You’d wonder at what miserable sadsacks some of these people are. Imagine being related or having to share a house with them. Everybody needs to embrace all that’s excellent, all that’s uniting and all that lifts our spirits.

  2. Zedd

     /  2nd November 2015

    I just wonder; is the first picture a ‘cut & paste’.. usually Key is surrounded by his ‘goon squad’ when ever he is ‘out in public’
    Maybe with all the sucking up.. he is trying to get a name change to… ‘Team Key All Blacks’ ?
    I think that would have driven I (& others ?) to support the Aussies ! :/ LOL

  3. jamie

     /  2nd November 2015

    Call me old-fashioned but I don’t want to see ANY prime ministers hanging around the changing rooms.

    They’re supposed to be there representing all of us New Zealanders. They can do that from their fancy seats, no need to go lurking around the showers.

    It’s weird..


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