WO #1: Are Google ISIS friendly?

This is the first in a series of posts addressing claims at Whale Oil   that Google are ISIS friendly, that makes varying claims about why Google Ads ceased on Whale Oil for part of yesterday and then resumed again, that tries to raise donations to fund the ongoing operation of the blog, and that makes highly ironic claims about freedom of speech and censorship.


On October 29, Whaleoil published The only solution is to kill them before they kill us, an article covering how ISIS and other Islamic adherents bent on throwing gays off building and subjugating women are to be met by preemptive force to protect our way of life and freedoms, such as they are.

This set off a small but vocal part of Social Media.  No surprise:  exactly the same people who are always busy trying to damage Whaleoil in some way.   This time a petition was created to request the Human Rights Commission take Whaleoil to court for “hate speech“.   And as you’d expect, this was promoted by other blogs and even some main stream media journalists.  (Oh the irony).

Oh the irony about “Oh the irony” but more about that later.

This post is about attitudes of Whale Oil to Muslims, and to Google over the cessation of Google Ads on Whale Oil. First an exchange involving head WO ‘moderator’, Pete (Belt):

  • We should maybe distinguish the general Muslim population, of which most are peaceful, from the death loving Islamic Supremacists, of which ISIS are just one variety.

    There are rather too many of these supremacists around, and more so in western countries these days.

    Why the heck should I be afraid of criticing Islamic Supremacists when it is their stated aim to destroy our society and have us all live under Sharia Law?

    An extremist Muslim wants to cut your head off, a tolerant Muslim wants an extremist to do it for him.

That’s the best summary I’ve read to date.

  • There are secular Muslims (yes they do exist) who probably don’t agree with this.

    If we start calling the crazy guys Islamic Supremacists (which is accurate), then it becomes harder to defend their position.

    Fair call.

    But I’m not seeing any secular Muslims speaking up.

    Granted, they’re in a terrible position: getting hammered by the ignorant infidels for being lumped in with the idiots and becoming targets to the more devout of their own faith.

    I’m personally still to meet a single Muslim that was anything but friendly to me.


    I look at Europe, how that went over the last 20-30 years, and what I do think is wise is to seriously curtail further immigration by people that identify as Muslim.

    Because at some point, when there are enough of them in any given community, and that can be as little as a school, or a council, history shows they will use democracy to make a life for themselves that they believe in most.

    And once again, looking back at Europe, that doesn’t end up in a place I want New Zealand to end up in.

Belt on Google Ads:

Small contribution to be made this week. Never liked the Google ads anyway

Slater on Google Ads:

I think I missed it… Why aren’t you using Google ads?

  • Because they have complained to Google and Google has suspended the ads until we comply with Google’s ISIS friendly policy.

And Slater again:

Which is of course censorship…by Google…who it appears are ISIS sympathisers.

So Belt says that Google Ads are a ‘necessary evil’ and Slater refers to “Google’s ISIS friendly policy”. Biting the hand that feeds them doesn’t seem a very smart way of restoring what sounds like an essential funding source.

It’s common a common reaction from people challenged over extreme comments about Muslims to be smeared as ISIS friendly and Muslim huggers. Trying to smear an alternate opinion is a common Whale Oil tactic.

I wouldn’t blame Google for not being very friendly about comments like that.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  4th November 2015

    Syrians were clocking 200 honour killings before their civil war erupted, it is a widely accepted practice in Syria and the M.E.

    Thanks to multiculturalism, “diversity” and mass migration, the UK deals with thousands of honour crimes yearly:

    “Murder is not the only form of honor crime, other crimes such as acid attacks, abduction, mutilations, beatings occur; in 2010 the UK police recorded at least 2,823 such crimes.”


    All you guys on here who want 1000s if not 10 000s of M.E. migrants/”refugees” flooding NZ, why are you silent on this issue?

    What guarantees are you giving to ensure NZ will not be dealing with this problem?

    You mob attack NZ men who courageously speak up with vitriolic accusations: “racist!”, “sexist!”, “bigot!”, “extremist!”

    You then turn around and with open arms welcome a population where those things are widely accepted and practiced and you say “Its their cultural practice, who are we too judge, I am proud to live in a multicultural diverse society”.

    • Klik Bate

       /  4th November 2015

      ….And some people STILL do not see a reason to worry!

      “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world” (Winston Churchill)

      Incredibly, this was part of a short speech written by Sir Winston Churchill in 1899 !
      (Source: The River War, first edition, Vol II, pages 248 – 250)

      He was a prophet in his own time!!

      • Jeeves

         /  4th November 2015

        He was landed gentry- elite. A coward through and through- threw his own comrades to the sword to aid his own escape in the Boer war. Threw many thousands of working class boys to their death to maintain power for his own brand of ‘class’.

        But- he WAS bang on with that one.

        By the same token – it could easily be argued that :

        “Individual Westerners may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the greedy corporations who rule over them paralyses the collective will for a peaceful and tolerant world. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world” (Jeeves Ponzi)

    • Jeeves

       /  4th November 2015

      But surely every time some thug king hits a stranger in Queen St- is that not an ‘Honour crime”?
      Every time a spouse gets beaten- is that not an “Honour Crime”?
      The discussion around Islam needs to seriously start cutting through the chaff to get to the grain.

      The troubles in part of Ulster for many years were defined as “Catholic versus Protestant”, but I cannot recall a single incident which was based on religious difference…

      When the Serbs and the Croats went hammer and tongs – that was said to be “Christian v. Muslim”
      When in fact it was Rapists and psychopaths on both sides versus scared people on both sides.

      To the Muslim world- we probably all look like “Christians”, and everything that happens here is attached to our religion.

      Until Atheism becomes the new power bloc – this sky fairy shit is forever doomed to continue.
      At least then we can all murder each other for the right reasons, which are just normal human cruelty- and not confuse the whole issue under a smokescreen of ‘faith’.

      • Jeeves: Serbs v Croats Christian v Muslim, as you seem to say, was actually mainly Orthodox v Catholic, in terms of majority religious adherence….. and both of Serb and Croat against Muslims…. minor point. In reality as you seem to also say it was Nationalism for both unleashing the standard dogs of war: murder, mayhem, massacre, torture, rape and plunder…

  2. Conspiratoor

     /  4th November 2015

    Are Google ISIS friendly? No of course they are not. You might see this as an attempt to ‘smear an alternate opinion’, I see it as slater simply using another exaggerated headline to provoke debate and turn himself into a headline. And my how this is working! After the morning coffee has gone down the good folks here will no doubt form up another circular firing squad and spend the day bashing their keyboards in righteous indignation, while pushing whales hit counter into overdrive

    Google are not ‘ISIS friendly’ but like Facebook, almost any major corporation, all but the most courageous politicians, the human wrongs commission, the UN etc etc they are paralysed by fear of people who are simply following islamic doctrine

  3. John Schmidt

     /  4th November 2015

    Using Google to promote your cause is not difficult. I have done it to promote a Web site I created. Once you know how Google works anyone can manipulate Google to promote their site or cause. So if little old me a mere minion can manipulate Google then it should be know surprise that ISIS can do the same. If Google appears to be ISIS friendly it is because of the way it works and because someone in that orgabisation has figured it out. This is available to all so the correct answer is Google is friendly to everyone not one single organisation or entity. Alternatively you can pay Google to do the same thing but that’s a whole new story.

  4. jaspa

     /  4th November 2015

    As far as I can tell, he has clearly violated an Adsense policy.


    Those are the rules, as they say.

    • Exactly Kaspa… they knew full well what they were doing and that it wuld run counter to Google Adsense policy which all about avoiding controversy and generating cash for Alphabet via their Google subsidiary…

  5. kittycatkin

     /  4th November 2015

    Google is almost certainly pro-Google and know which side their bread is buttered on.

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