Herald making things up about Honours?

The Herald yesterday made a number of claims about public support of the New Zealand Honours system. Were they making things up or where their claims based on anything of substance.

The headline: Editorial: Kiwis OK with knighthoods

Which Kiwis? How many Kiwis? I’m sure some at least would not be ok with that claim.

More general claims in the editorial:

  • New Zealanders can hardly wait to see titles bestowed on their homecoming All Black captain and coach today
  • Annette King, yesterday said the party had not reviewed its policy on royal honours since they were restored by National in 2009 but she saw no appetite in this country for “chopping and changing” the system.
    She is right.
  • Without a few titles conferred, the annual New Year’s and Queen’s Birthday honours lost much of their focus and public interest. Their reinstatement was well received.
  • In New Zealand, though, the titles now sit fairly comfortably within an honours system that has been restyled our way.
  • Though knights and dames remain nominally royal appointments, New Zealanders treat them as the indigenous decision they really are.
  • New Zealanders like to elevate respected fellow countrymen and women with a title to their name.
  • Even formally, it is likely to be Sir “Richie”. We are fine with that.

I’m not fine with that. ‘Richie McCaw’ is appropriate recognition to me.

I call bullshit in the Herald’s claims. I don’t know if a majority of New Zealanders would agree with any of those points or not but I’m certain that not all New Zealanders would agree with any of those points. Probably far from it.

I guess a newspaper from Auckland calling itself NZ Herald thinks it speaks for everyone. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t.

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  1. Well if there is a ground swell of support to get rid of the honours system, it’s invisible to me. Most amusingly Brian Rudman of the Herald wrote a column to denounce the honours system but in the same piece decided “for aesthetic” reasons to stick with the current flag. Key derangement syndrome claims another victim.


    • No groundswell to change – yes. No groundswell to retain either though.

      I suspect most people will be closer to indifferent.

      • artcroft

         /  5th November 2015

        Fascinating that so many who were awarded gongs in the Clark era opted for an update when JK arrived on the ninth floor. Seems that if you accept an award then you want everyone you meet to know about it. Fair enough.

  2. I am fine with titles for people who actually do things like long and deep community service, building companies from scratch into something signigicant e.g. Tait Electronics, Gallagher industries. Sports only for real big time achievement: Snell, Yvette Williams, Pinetree, Richie.

    Titles for businessmen who manage public companies and do nothing remotely entrepreneurial don’t deserve it. Nor do career civil servants in cushy protected jobs generally getting in the way of people leading productive lifes.

    Pollies…. hmmm mostly NO

  3. Conspiratoor

     /  5th November 2015

    I go to sleep each night happy in the knowledge that today another republican was born and a royalist signed off. It is only a matter of time…

    • artcroft

       /  5th November 2015

      I suspect with Kate and Wills around there might be a great many young monarchists in our midst. Might be a long time.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  5th November 2015

    I wonder how many of us would refuse one.


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