Ron Mark unrepentant

NZ First deputy leader Ron Mark is unrepentant following widespread criticism of his speech in Parliament earlier this week – see Re Mark remarks – appalling in Parliament.

NZ Herald reports:  Mark stands by ‘go back to Korea’ jab:

During a debate on shop trading hours on Tuesday, Mr Mark accused Ms Lee of being condescending towards New Zealanders.

“I have got a short message: If you do not like New Zealand, go back to Korea,” he said.

In the same speech, the New Zealand First deputy leader also made disparaging comments about Indian-born MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi.

Mark has responded to criticism:

Yesterday, Mr Mark said he objected to being told to grow up.

“Some people who come here might think we’re a bit antiquated or … need to grow up.

Talking about growing up Mr Mark…

Winston Peters backed Mark…

…saying any claim of racism was “poppycock”. He echoed Mr Mark’s criticism of Ms Lee: “If someone is complaining about the country they’re in, they … can always go back home.”

Peters probably complains more than anyone in Parliament – perhaps he could follow his own advice and go back home.

However Mark’s remarks (and as he said something similar,Peters) were not backed by all of the NZ First MPs.

Most New Zealand First colleagues also backed Mr Mark. However, Tracey Martin, whom Mr Mark unseated as deputy leader, jumped on his gaffe, saying, “It is not a statement I would have made.”

Dissent in the ranks is usually not tolerated. Martin must be planning on quitting, otherwise she is likely to be pushed, as happened to other NZ First MPs last term – Brendan Horan was excommunicated during the term and Andrew Williams and Asenati Taylor who were pushed so far down the list last yer there was no chance of them returning.

Peters has got away with nasty attention seeking stunts for a long time because the media flock to give him coverage.

Mark is unlikely to get the same help from media. It;s unlikely he will improve NZ First support and may do the opposite.

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  1. What a giant douche.

  2. Nelly Smickers

     /  6th November 2015

    Is it just me, or does Ron Mark have his head on upside-down?

  3. why bother

     /  6th November 2015

    With Free Speech there must also come intelligence which Ron Mark has an abundance of according to his many fans.

  4. kiwi dave

     /  6th November 2015

    Wasn’t Ron Mark an army stores clerk? Perhaps this is why he is such a jumped up little turd. No wonder the general public has such a low opinion of politicians.

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  6th November 2015

      @k d

      Hardly think it’s fair to say Ron was an ‘army stores clerk’ – LOL!!

      According to his NZFirst bio, ‘….in 1982 Ron successfully completed the NZSAS selection course and was one of five NZ Army officers sent to the Sinai to set up a multi-national peace keeping operation…… he retired in 1990 with the rank of Major’.

      In fact word on the street in Masterton, is that Ronny is soo tough, that when he has diarrhea, the local CD issues a mud slide alert 🙂

      • jaspa

         /  6th November 2015

        According to The Veteran – “Ron Mark ‘served’ and for that he has my respect. What I don’t have too much respect for is the way, either by omission or commission, he is happy to give out the impression that he served with the NZ Special Air Service. He may (or may not) have completed a SAS selection course but the reality is that he was never a badged member of the SAS. He wouldn’t know the difference between a ripcord and a pajama-cord. ”

        He was a vehicle mechanic.

    • Motor Pool Mechanic then rising to running the motor pool is the line most frequently put on various blog sites…

  5. traveller

     /  6th November 2015

    Ever since I saw him running around the rural environs in a too big Drizabone and an oversized Akubra hat I’ve realised how much he sees models himself in the dapper image of WRP. Good luck with that look Ron.

  6. Zedd

     /  6th November 2015

    maybe NZ1st should reconsider their deputy.. “GO Tracey” 🙂

  7. David Seymour raise a point of order in relation to Mr Marks’ comments in other house business on Thursday…. but the Speaker rule that the matter had passed….

    I note also when Mr Mark rose to ask a question he was roundly heckled 5/11… suspect the Nat MP’s won’t let it go and he will cop a bit next week as well…

    I guess from now on when Ron says something that is a complaint he can be rebutted with a line built around him going back where he came from… and directions to the Wairarapa


     /  6th November 2015

    he just needed a little PR lol. – a bit quiet these days in nowhere land so why not ruffle a few feathers in the house for some media.

  9. kiwi_guy

     /  7th November 2015

    Good on him for standing up to the Multicult bullies.

    Why do migrants come here and start whining about NZ when in their place of origin they have about as much freedom and rights as an insect.

    And anyone who claims S Korea is a democracy has mental problems.


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