Colin Craig’s ‘Mr X’

This morning The Nation will reveal who the ‘Mr X’ was who featured in the Colin Craig booklet that was delivered to households around the country.

This is on Mr X from Newsworthy and A Page-By-Page Review of Colin Craig’s Dirty Politics Pamphlet in July:

Page 10 and 11

Hayden here. I’ve calmed down now.

These pages are the meat in Craig’s allegation sandwich. They begin with the eye-catching announcement ‘A lot of expletives have been deleted from this dialogue’ and go on to detail an exclusive interview between ‘Interviewer’ and a Dirty Politics Brigade insider known as ‘Mr X’.

Everything that follows is cloaked in secrecy. Who is Interviewer? Who is Mr X? Could they be the same man?

Exhibit A

‘Interviewer’ is very defensive in the face of criticism of Colin Craig. When ‘Mr X’ says Craig’s support is shaky, he or she responds:

“That’s an interesting opinion but Craig says he has been getting pretty positive feedback from supporters”

He or she is high on Craig’s character:

“Craig has always been honest in the past. If he is honest this time it means he has been defamed. What if I were to tell you that Craig is thinking of going public not only with the full story but also that he is planning legal action against Stringer, Slater, and Williams?”

Could Interviewer be Colin Craigterviewer?

Exhibit B

When Mr X is asked whether Craig can recover his political career, he responds:

“No chance … well OK there is a chance but only because he [Colin Craig] is freakish under pressure and he seems to be largely unphased by this whole thing … its weird that. You can never say never …”

On why Craig is being targeted despite not being in Office, he says:

He gets votes and the media love him so that qualifies him to be a target.”

Mr X is very damning of Craig’s political enemies:

“For sure, she swallowed it hook, line, and sinker and then went crazy doing whatever she could to pull Craig down … Stringer could not have done it without Rankin.”

So is Mr X in fact Mr Craig?


No, but this is weird.

It turns out that the verdict was partly wrong, Colin Craig has admitted being Mr X.

But it was certainly weird.

Especially as The Nation points out page 2 of the pamplet includes “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, and in Newsworthy’s words:

Unremarkable at first glance. A headline and a list of four chapters. Standard pamphlet foreplay. Then, at the bottom of the page, a loud foreshadowing of the villainy to come. “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” the text reads, followed by the words, all-caps: ‘THE NINTH COMMANDMENT’.

This is no ordinary dispute. No petty airing of grievances. Here we see that Craig’s persecutors have not just broken the laws of man, but of God. The Bible says those who bear false witness must sacrifice a female lamb or goat, or two turtledoves or two pigeons, or a tenth of an ephah of fine flour at the Temple. Only that will redeem the evildoers, who we are about to meet in…

Craig has to be history as far as politics goes.

For the record, this is the interview transcript:

Lisa Owen: Now Colin Craig’s pamphlet on Dirty Politics went out nationwide. It claimed to expose the liars out to get him, and featured an interview with a Mr X, someone who knew the dirty secrets.

But who was Mr X? On Friday I spoke to Colin Craig and well, hear for yourself.

Lisa Owen: Are you Mr X Colin?

Colin Craig: I am, that’s right, it’s a nom de plume.

Lisa Owen: Why did you conduct an interview in a pamphlet about truth using a false identity?

Colin Craig: Well nom de plumes are a well known literary device. Obviously it’s to make it more interesting, I mean if the whole thing is just text and you know dialogue it’s nowhere near as interesting as if you put something in the form of .an interview.

Lisa Owen: Can you understand why some people might look at that and think that you’ve been deceptive and dishonest?

Colin Craig: Ohhh…possibly.

Lisa Owen: In hindsgith do you think it’s a mistake to pretend to be Mr X?

Colin Craig: No I don’t, I think it made the booklet far more interesting.

Lisa Owen: This is a pamphlet about deception, and also the front cover uses the words “their campaign of lies”. Haven’t you lied too Colin?

Colin Craig: No I haven’t. I have never said that Mr X was anyone um other than myself and I’m the person that said I was Mr X, no one else has said that, I’m the one who’s volunteered that information.

Lisa Own: But you’re not Mr X are you, you’re Colin Craig. So why not just say you’re Colin Craig?

Colin Craig: Well I guess I could have done that.

Lisa Own: Hey Colin what’s the 9th commandment?

Colin Craig: Uuummm, oh it’s in the pamphlet. Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Video: Colin Craig unveiled as ‘Mr X’

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  1. Mike C

     /  7th November 2015


    I switched to the Nation halfway through.

    Has the Colin Craig thing already been on … or do I need to watch the TV3+1?

    • Not yet, they said it will be later on. And missing Andrew Little’s interview won’t be something you will regret for the rest of your life (you can watch it tomorrow anywqay).

  2. Pete Kane

     /  7th November 2015

    Not my place to defend Colin. But, well Colin’s just Colin. And lets be fair, he has added a touch of humour (he would no doubt prefer the term light) into the lonely world of the political junkie. Now that Mr (ex National Party researcher) Stringer , well now that’s another story. Wouldn’t want to be stuck next to that one on a long haul flight.

  3. MaureenW

     /  7th November 2015

    Colin Craig interviews Colin Craig. The man is clearly mad.

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  7th November 2015

      Haha, +100 as they say at the Stranded.

      There’s an astounding absurdity about a wannabe political force interviewing himself and then using that material as a publicity stunt to support his pathetic attempts to litigate. Mad as a cut snake.

      He couldn’t even spell his own name correctly – Mr Ex

      • MaureenW

         /  7th November 2015

        That would have to be “up there” as one of the most stupid stunts ever. Credibility .. Whoosh. Good luck in court Colin.

        • Joe Bloggs

           /  7th November 2015

          One to be added to the Colin Craig Museum of Oddities, that’s for sure.

          I have to admit that I kinda miss Craig… the extraordinary selection of campaign billboard photos, the idiot’s grin, and the “I know I’m insane, but what the hey, I’m happy” attitude have been very entertaining on rainy days

          • MaureenW

             /  7th November 2015

            Setting new benchmarks in NZ politics – Crazy col-col.
            What would John Oliver make of this? Think I’ll send it on in case he misses it.

      • kittycatkin

         /  7th November 2015

        What a surprise that Mr X was…Colin Craig. I am as sick as mud that I didn’t think of the Mr Ex pun first. Bugger !

  4. Guest

     /  7th November 2015

    I love how edgy Mr X with his swears and stuff. Oooh Err!

  5. Mike C

     /  7th November 2015

    Definitely the act of a desperate man who is now in the Political Wilderness.

    Think it’s time for Colin to step away from Politics … and go back to doing what he does best … making millions and millions of dollars as a businessman 🙂

  6. But wait, there’s more.

    RadioLIVE Newsroom @LIVENewsDesk

    Police have been called to the Conservative Party’s annual meeting in AKL, after former interim chairman John Stringer arrived.

    Police have escorted former Conservative Party board member, John Stringer, from the party’s annual meeting.

    • Mike C

       /  7th November 2015


      So the Conservative Party does not want John Stringer within their fold. LOL.

      Is Colin Craig at the Conference ???

      If he is … then that considerably changes the game between Slater and Williams and Stringer and Craig 🙂

  7. Zedd

     /  7th November 2015

    Isn’t referring to yourself ‘in the 3rd person’ a sign of insanity ?

    ‘Crazy, crazy Colin’ 🙂

    If he had won a seat in parliament.. he could challenge others, already there.. for ‘the title’

  8. jamie

     /  7th November 2015

    Colin Craig’s political career. Well that was weird.

  9. For the record I’ve added a transcript of the interview with Craig to the post plus a link to the video.

  10. Loki

     /  7th November 2015

    It is a real shame that CC has fessed up. Slater went nuts when the pamphlet came out and descended into a paranoid rage trying to figure out who shafted him.
    Guess what fat boy.. We all did.

  11. Kevin

     /  8th November 2015

    “Do you think Mr Craig will actually commence legal action?

    Of course not. I figure he’ll send a strongly worded legal letter via his lawyers to … try and intimidate. Good … luck with that. But no, it won’t go beyond that.”

    Now given that Mr X is Colin Craig the above is an admission that the defamation actions are just to intimidate. I wonder how the courts will look at something that’s clearly abuse of judicial process?

  12. The Defamation cases will I suspect focus on what was said about who, by who, and whether what was said was true, or honest opinion that could be validated with evidence. On the story regarding Craig admitting he is “Mr X”, I’m saying “storm, meet teacup”.

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  8th November 2015

      Storm + teacup maybe… to be fair I’ve never seen a storm in a teacup before, which is possibly why it comes across as such damned strange behaviour.

      It’s a bloody odd way of trying to make yourself look credible. Even you’d have to admit that Steve.

  13. Ratty

     /  8th November 2015

    maybe Colin Craig admitting he was Mr X was just a cunning plan to get more bullets from that vile individual who he is suing….

    Or maybe not…


  1. Slater versus Craig and Mr X… | Your NZ

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