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8 November 2015

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  1. Kim Dotcom is having to leave his Coatesville abode, which was apparently costing him $1 million a year to rent but he claimed to have insufficient money to defend himself against extradition.

    Losing the home had been a bitter pill, he said. “I fought hard to be able to retain this for my family,” he said.

    “When I couldn’t do it with the court funds that were made available I started a new business and I built that primarily to be able to pay my legal fees and be able to keep this home for my family.

    “After almost four years to have to lose that battle now and leave my home, makes me sad.”

    He said he would shift to his new waterfront home later this month.

    Dotcom moves on from mansion

  2. I was interested to catch Susie Ferguson on The Nation’s ‘panel’ this week.

    Her voice and interviewing style drove me off RNZ’s Morning Report long ago, but the impression today was entirely different. She was conservatively presented and her participation was both considered and considerate.

    Could it be that she is a better political analyst than interviewer and that she has been miscast in her current role at RNZ ??

  3. I see that Len Brown has confirmed he will stand down as Mayor of Auckland.

    • Confirmation of something that was well signalled and expected. As will be Phil Goff’s announcement that he’s running later this month.

  4. Nelly Smickers

     /  8th November 2015

    With Len Brown FINALLY confirming he will not be seeking a third term as ‘Supercity Mayor’, rumor has it that he’s secured the South Auckland lawn mowing franchise with Green Acres, focusing on Berm maintenance.

    He will make a bloody fortune 🙂

  5. Missy

     /  8th November 2015

    A totally non-political comment for today.

    Winter has come early in Beijing with snow on Friday and yesterday. Yesterday I was lucky enough to tag along with a group visiting for work to the Great Wall. I have seen it in Summer, but I have to say in Winter it is amazing, it looked fantastic in the snow. 🙂

    Pretty Cold here though!

  6. Joe Bloggs

     /  8th November 2015

    Pete, I wonder if you could do us a favour.

    Can you please post on how to embed pictures in posts – I have a lovely screenshot of SB’s “non de plumes” gaff…but I’m not an IT whizzle of the quality of Lyn Prentice or Pete Belt… 😦

    … and while you’re about it, how about some tips on simple html markups so that our posts look a little smarter.. 🙂



    [Edit: I’ll put the common ones I’d use here and I’ll set up a Help page with this and other info. Give me time to get it looking right

    <blockquote>Text that as indented as a quote. I use this if I’m quoting from elsewhere or sometimes from a previous comment in the thread.</blockquote>

    Text that as indented as a quote. I use this if I’m quoting from elsewhere or sometimes from a previous comment in the thread.

    < href=" " > A link to this post and this is the text of the link.</a>
    A link to this post and this is the text of the link.

    <i>This text is italic</i>
    This text is italic

    <b>This text is bold</b>
    This text is bold
    <strong>This text is strong</strong>
    This text is strong
    – strong and bold look much the same, not sure what the difference is if any

    If you right click on a Youtube video and then Copy Video URL then paste into a comment here it should dispay the video.

    This is a good reference for HTML:

    End of edit – PG]

  7. jaspa

     /  8th November 2015

    Ben Rachinger has started posting videos again –

    • Loki

       /  8th November 2015

      No wonder Slater hasn’t been charged.
      Imagine how little confidence the cops must have with this loon as a witness

      • Pete Kane

         /  8th November 2015

        My gosh. Just when you thought the whole ‘Dirty Politics’ thing couldn’t get much crazier.

  8. tealeaves

     /  8th November 2015

    Some red herrings are more equal than other red herrings. See? I’ve been educating myself on wikipedia again.


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