Slater versus Craig and Mr X…

It’s not surprising to see Cameron Slater making the most of the revelation that Colin Craig was the Mr X in the Dirty Politics booklet attacking Slate that was delivered to letter boxes around the country. Fair enough, Craig makes himself an easy target.

Interesting that the first post on this at Whale Oil was The Nation skewers Colin Craig for his subterfuge over Mr X at 8:30 am this morning, nearly 24 hours after The Nation skewered Craig. Whale Oil has often been slow in reacting to breaking news lately.

That post almost entirely comprises a transcript of of the interview at The Nation. That looks certainly to have been copied and pasted from my Colin Craig’s ‘Mr X’ post from yesterday, incorrect spelling and punctuation included.

It’s interesting to see that Slater follows and reads Your NZ, and not surprising to see he takes content without attribution. That’s not how a journalist should operate.

Later today posted under ‘Cameron Slater’ (as has often been pointed out, it’s never certain who has written these posts) is Analysing Mr X and Colin Craig.

This post hammers Craig’s “well known literary device”.

There’s also som interesting comments from “Cameron Slater’ that are worth pointing out and keeping on record.

These words will haunt Colin Craig now it is revealed that he is Mr X. He is going to have to explain to the court how his own statements here can be true and at the same time claim that he has been defamed…

This is going to lead to an easy claim of malice…

Unfazed people don’t go about causing lawsuits.

His idiocy and foolishness are now going to cost him. He has made stuff up, he has done so out of malice, and the very thing he was complaining about he has now partaken in. But the thing is he got busted. This was all a subterfuge, done in order to garner sympathy, but all based on a  pretence, a lie and falsehoods.

A liar, a flake and a political retard.

Colin Craig likes to quote the bible:

flasewitnessand George Washington:

washingtonWhen it comes to truth he should take heed of those words, and I will quote another famous person..John in Chapter 8:32:

32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

Fair enough for ‘Cameron Slater’ to throw this at Craig, but there could be a certain amount of irony involved.

Craig may not be the only one who has been playing at ‘Mr X’ type subterfuge.

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  1. Robby

     /  8th November 2015

    “It’s interesting to see that Slater follows and reads Your NZ, and not surprising to see he takes content without attribution. That’s not how a journalist should operate.”
    Its hardly surprising that he behaves this way. He has also been known to edit articles without making it obvious, in order to cover his backside.

  2. Mike C

     /  8th November 2015


    Cameron Slater doesn’t read your blog … nor any other blog for that matter 🙂

    It has been Spanish Brides job for the past year or so … to read what’s written in other blogs that pertains to the Whale.

  3. Joe Bloggs

     /  8th November 2015

    I see that SB has gone back and corrected her spelling in her earlier post on noms de plume (note the plural, SB?) – seems she pays more attention to the ‘Blog of the Damned’ than she does to good English…

    At least she can come here and learn something..hehe

    • Pete Kane

       /  9th November 2015

      People stop being so critical. Remember we once paid a broadcasting fee to watch Faulty Towers. I think we are getting very good value for our ‘non’ comedy dollar here..

  4. Kevin

     /  8th November 2015

    If it’s a transcript what’s the problem? Sure, attribution would have been nice but that’s more good manners than anything else.

    • Robby

       /  8th November 2015

      ‘Manners’ are pretty important IMHO Kevin. Credit should be given where it’s due, and edits should be made obvious by the ‘editor’.


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