Your NZ ‘Help’

From time to time we get requests for ‘how to do’ type help here. Yesterday there was a request for information on common HTML commands that can enhance comments.

I have set up a new item on the menu called Help and have put some common HTML details in that.

I have also added other information that may be of use or interest.

This includes a privacy statement.

Is there any other readily accessible information that would be useful to you that could also be included under Help?

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  9th November 2015

    I don’t emak anmy tyops, but it would be niec if we could correct these and other errors.

  2. tealeaves

     /  9th November 2015

    Recipes we might like to try.

  3. Robby

     /  9th November 2015

    A list of emotes that work would be good 😉 🙂 😦 XP


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