Conservative Party elect new board

There seems to be scant media coverage of the Conservative Party AGM held on Saturday, apart from the trespassing of and police ejection of former board member John stringer.

3 News headlined the conflict in John Stringer trespasses at Conservative AGM.

Mr Craig didn’t turn up at the meeting and members postponed the proceedings until Mr Stringer had gone.

The members have now concluded their conference and elected a new board – which will be announced on the party’s website today.

They are looking to reconvene at another date where they will discuss the issue of leadership.

On Monday the Conservative Party put out a press release:

New Board for Conservatives

The new Board of the Conservative Party was democratically elected and confirmed by members at the AGM on 7 Nov 2015. Its aim and goal is to continue the drive of the Party to empower New Zealanders towards true democracy.

As one can appreciate there are many issues for the Board to address and we will endeavour to communicate as we do so. Colin Craig stepped down from the Leadership and from the Board on June 19 and is not involved in the new Board. He remains a member and we thank Colin and Helen for their generous and ongoing support of the Conservative Party.

It is exciting to see the Government finally recognising the value of Binding Referenda and we look forward to seeing it applied to real issues, such as asset sales, parental rights, criminal justice, etc

It’s curious to see “Colin Craig … is not involved in the new Board” followed by “we thank Colin and Helen for their generous and ongoing support of the Conservative Party”.

The Conservative Party website has the first ‘Latest Update’ since Craig’s statements on June 19.

Conservative Party Confirms New Board 
07 November 2015

At the AGM held in Auckland on Saturday Nov 7 the following were announced as the new members of the Board, following a democratic election. The process followed for the election, in the absence of a Board, was ratified by an overwhelming majority of those present. The names of those on the Board are:

Leighton Baker, a builder from North Canterbury and previous Board Member, involved in business for 25 years.

Laurence Day, from Hamilton, also a previous Board Member and involved in Education, with experience in the Agricultural research and consultation sector.

Claire Holley, a qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Electorate Chair and Candidate for West Coast-Tasman, from Greymouth.

Simon Gutschlag, living in Nelson with his family and as an IT Manager is a regional co-ordinator for the Institute of IT Professionals.

Melanie Taylor, has worked as Specialist CYFs Caregivers with her husband for over 14 years, lives in Maungaturoto where she has been the Northland Regional Chair.

Kevin Stitt, lives in Mangere, Auckland, current National Administrator for Conservative Party and past Party Secretary, involved in Boards for a number of charities.

Two previous board members have returned to the board, plus the current National Administrator and past Party Secretary.

Colin Craig still features on the website home page.

Craig’s twitter profile still shows him as Leader of the Conservative Party of New Zealand:


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  1. Hi Pete, there isn’t scant media coverage, it’s just that “Good news for the Conservative Party” doesn’t fit the on-going 4 year “attack piece” narrative of what Cameron Slater (probably rightly) calls “The Media Party”, whereas “Bad news for the Conservative Party” rates really, really highly with “The Media Party”.

    My goodness, what a bounce-back it would be if the Conservative Party, despite all of the negative press over the past 12 months, was able to re-build and recover in the hands of its membership?

    Watch this space, I guess.

  2. And I agree that the Conservative Party needs to get its social media and website presence in hand – quickly.

  3. Guest

     /  10th November 2015

    I’m picking John Stringer was the ‘stringer’ for WOs “BREAKING” coverage of the Conservative’s AGM. There was only ever one progress report:
    “Colin Craig has not turned up but has left the Colonites in charge with a Trespass notice blocking John Stringer from attending. Not entirely sure you can enforce a trespass notice on someone else’s property, but after a two hour stand-off, including police having a say, John Stringer has withdrawn and the “AGM” has started.

    More as it develops.”

    Except nothing else followed…guessing the insider was no longer inside…

  4. kittycatkin

     /  10th November 2015

    They were silly to call themselves that and silly to have a colour scheme that was a watered-down version of National’s. A tiny party copying the name of the huge English one is unoriginal and hubristic.


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