Slater versus Fisher and NZ Herald

Cameron Slater has picked up on the story posted by Scoop and also posted on here yesterday – see Cop ‘very surprised’ by police resources for Slater investigation.

In THE MENDACITY OF THE NZ HERALD AND DAVID ‘TAINTED’ FISHER Slater refers to David Fisher as ‘a mendacious scumbag’ and states:

There is no point responding to David “Tainted” Fisher because he has an agenda and is on a mission to protect Nicky Hager and to ultimately protect himself.

That’s typical from an ongoing feud between Slater and Fisher. It’s rather ironic for Slater to call someone else ‘tainted’. Similar could be said of ‘mendacious scumbag’.

Slater picks up on a number of new and rehashed issues, including his repetitive “real Dirty Politics is now being revealed”.

But Slater makes a valid point.

What astonishes me is that the editors of the NZ Herald let David Fisher manipulate the facts and lie by omission in his articles. Why is he even reporting on these matters when he has sworn affidavits in support of Nicky Hager?

He taints the NZ Herald by his actions and his editors allow that tainting to occur.

Fisher appears to be closely associated with Hager. He has also had a long and at times very open fight with Slater (especially open on the Whale Oil side of the story).

While the Herald might think Fisher is an appropriate person to report on Hager and Slater related issues due to his in depth knowledge Fisher has at least a strong perception of not being impartial.

That’s not a good look for a newspaper like The Herald. I think they should be using someone at least with some semblance of impartiality on stories on these topics.

Fisher just feeds into the whale feeding frenzy.

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  1. Traveller

     /  15th November 2015

    David Fisher.

    How can this end well for him?

    Can anyone remember a time in a NZ MSM newspaper that a person so centrally involved with very serious alleged criminals (Dotcom) and deeply politically motivated alleged crimes (Rawshark and Hager) has been given a seemingly free licence to report at will and with such bias.

    I don’t know whether there are grounds for complaint to the Press Council but the weight of evidence of his PR campaign before, during and subsequent to his hagiography of Dotcom – a man being pursued by the FBI for serious crime has been bizarre in content and saturation. Who is holding this man to account. This is not just a Mike Hoskings – “Key’s the man” this is a man who has been as close to Dotcom as it’s possible to be. Dotcom is claimed by many to be involved in THE hack and has considerable cyber crime form himself. As we’ve seen he started a political party to take down the government and is deeply influenced by the Assange, Greenwald, Snowden clique of cyber thieves and network.

    How does the NZ Herald and the NZ public justify this propaganada and journalistic travesty?

    Surely there must more interest in this clique than at plain old police prosecution level. I’m hope that the GCSB and Five Eyes must have him in their sights. They’ve got plenty of material to work with so prolific is his shilling.

    • DaveG

       /  15th November 2015

      How does it end for him? He has been protected, as my belief the rot goes from Curry down, IE, i believe his seniors knew, and either approved of his / Nipperts actions, or turned a blind eye, as they needed every paper sold possible to stem the sinking ship. That said, as circulation and advertising revenue continues to decline, costs need to be cut, and one day soon, they will both be surplus to requirements, and out on the ex Journo’s scrapheap. I can’t see either working for a major in NZ again, so look out for them pouring coffee at a local coffee shop.

  2. Missy

     /  15th November 2015

    I don’t read any Fisher articles if they are about Slater, Hager or Dotcom, due to his bias, and the fact he appears to the using the NZ Herald to carry out his own personal vendetta against Slater. Fisher has no credibility at all as a journalist in my opinion.

  3. traveller

     /  15th November 2015

    @Missy. What am I missing, surely this is SO much bigger than a lack of journalistic credibility? It’s blatant shilling PR – propaganda at best and corruption at worst.

    Someone needs to collate and curate his content over the past few years and really work out the reach of his relationships with these players. I’m hoping it’s a whole unit of the GCSB they love to hate and that he’s fairly @#%^ing quaking in his Doc Martens (and yes of course he used to wear them!)

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