Craig won’t seek leadership – yet

The newly elected Conservative Party board (some members were in the previous board) is looking for a new party leader. Colin Craig has said he won’t seek re-election – for now.

NZ Herald reports Colin Craig won’t seek re-election:

The Conservative Party’s newly elected board confirmed today it was looking to get back on track after a disastrous year by electing a new leader.

Colin Craig says he will not be seeking re-election as leader of the Conservative Party because it would be wrong to take on the role while he is being investigated by police.

He is facing a police complaint over his party’s spending during the 2014 election, though no charges have been laid.

“My feeling is that it is not right for me to put my name forward until the most serious allegations are cleared,” he said.


If he was cleared before the 2017 election, he would consider returning to the party as a candidate, “if they will have me”.

So he won’t stand for leadership now – which means he won’t be on the board – but “would consider returning to the party as a candidate”.

Who would want to be leader with him hovering in the background considering returning by the next election?

Some one will volunteer to be a placeholder for him.

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     /  17th November 2015

    Its all a bit of a joke really with this guy. reality is he is the funder and ruler of the party, its his hobby horse, and after the last debacle who would ever take him seriously. the thought of him having any role in any government is just wishful thinking on his part. he will just be embroiled in controversy for the rest of his political life.

  2. Nelly Smickers

     /  17th November 2015

    “The identity of Colon will remain anonymous but Colin is someone who knows those involved. Colin’s observations and information is to the best of Colin’s knowledge accurate, although Colin’s opinions are of course Colin’s, and Colin does not endorse them in any way”.

    (from the exclusive interview with ‘Mr X’ …….expletives deleted)



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