Story on the Lusk for power

Duncan Garner ran a Story story on Simon Lusk last night.

Shadowy political figure’s motto: ‘Dominate, intimidate and humiliate’

This was a risky assignment – heading into the bush to shoot wild dear with a political hitman carrying guns.

Simon Lusk is ruthless, remorseless and has no boundaries.

He’s a hunter, a fisherman, and a shadowy, secretive and mysterious backroom political operator.

People pay him to win – to take out their opponents – and he calls himself a profession political campaigner.

He is best friends with controversial blogger Cameron Slater and this is their game.

Mr Lusk has been anonymous in many campaigns but has a massive reputation, is low-profile and is supremely confident.

Story went to investigate this figure whose motto is to ‘dominate, intimidate and humiliate’ and discovered who his next target is.

His next target was named as Phil Twyford. He claimed credit for Hone Harawira losing Te Tai Tokerau last election – but Kim Dotcom might claim that dubious honour.

Lusk also said he expected Paula Bennett to be National’s next leader, and that Judith Collins had blown her chance.

Has even Lusk cut off Cameron Slater, who has still been promoting Collins and attacking Bennett?

Lusk hit jobs used to provide Slater income but the blog begging bowl seems to predomionate there now.

While dirty politics Lusk style will never disappear altogether I think his influence is over-rated (by himself), and with increasing sunlight on murky political dealings politicians with a view to future prospects will be more wary of doing business with the politically toxic.

Hamish Price is obviously not a fan:

Simon is a bit of a fantasist, actually. Many of his candidates and campaigns have flopped.

I’ve only spoken to Simon once, when I taunted him about a campaign he’d just lost. Doesn’t speak much.

His disastrous vote for change anti-MMP campaign being the most visible.

His nutty plan to take over the public service didn’t demonstrate a lot of political brilliance.

The Brash coup in Act was after Lusk had ostracised himself from the Nats.

Lusk has come out of the shadows now because his pitches for sleazy local body campaigns haven’t won any business.

Lusk is legitimate light entertainment. A great political parody.

He’s a blundering assassin who tends to shoot himself and his hunting partner in the feet most often.

Slater goes hunting with him.

Garner disappointed me at the end, seeming to accept the dirty lusk for power as just part of the game. W\e don’t need to accept that nonsense.

While they score a few victories they seem to be self defeating anyway.

UPDATE: For previous exposure of Lusk see Seriously happy to upset the status quo (Andrea Vance, May 2013)

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  1. Jeeves

     /  17th November 2015


    • Loki

       /  17th November 2015

      No. Not filth.
      Just a deluded man child who is clearly trying to find a job.
      Who hires shadowy operators once hey are no longer shadowy?
      He had nothing to do with Harawira losing. Hone gets all the credit for that himself.
      And when Peters goes with national next election then steps down for a fat ambassadorship to make room for Shane jones you can bet lusk tries to claim that too.
      A strategic moron, only saved from the champion title by his occasional bedmate slater.

      • Jeeves

         /  17th November 2015

        Yes, Filth.
        This is the scum who wants to set the country up in such a way that local government, civil service, parliamentary services, the media and parliament are staffed in such a way that the institutions of state are geared toward specifically disenfranchising the electorate from the democratic process.
        He doesn’t want to win an election- he wants his craven progeny to spawn in such a way that future elections are already decided in his favour. He wants it to be dirty and he wants it to be unfair.
        He wants NZ to belong to him and his greedy ilk.

        And I’ll say it to his face.

  2. Guest

     /  17th November 2015

    Hmmm…Mr Lusk uses the word “dodgy”….

    • Salacious P Crumb

       /  17th November 2015

      Yes indeed, as in Socialist Dam….

    • Michelle

       /  17th November 2015

      I noticed that… do you think he wrote the Dodgy Unions book ?? Lusk does not seem to do feebies… so who paid ??

    • jamie

       /  17th November 2015

      Guest, while I do enjoy the way you pick up on potentially tell-tale quirks of language and punctuation that others might miss, it has to be said that it is not unusual for people who associate with each other to share a turn of phrase.

  3. Mefrostate

     /  17th November 2015

    Anyone think it’s strange that WO hasn’t made any comment on this interview today?

    • Hel

       /  17th November 2015

      Not strange at all. Slater will still be in his underpants banging his chest from last night. All the posts are preloaded by Pete

      • Loki

         /  17th November 2015

        And yes.
        Lusk collated the dodgy unions pamphlet. From old posts authored by man but mostly lusk himself.
        Slater just pulled a few borrowed anecdotes out of his lazy fat butt to lower the grammar and spelling quality.

  4. Duncan Garner advises that Lusk part 2 will be on Story tonight at 7. On Key, Nash and Twyford

  5. There is no such thing as a campaign winning campaign manager. If you are an aspiring politician, don’t hire anyone who tells you something different.

    A good campaign manager’s job is to get all your ducks in a row, coach you and give you talking points so you don’t commit gaffes, and ensure you are operating at 100%. Whether that 100% is good enough is entirely up to the winds of the political weather.

    A good skipper can sail your boat properly, but if the vessel is not seaworthy, nothing will stop it from sinking. Nor can the skipper make the sun come out.

    • Jeeves

       /  17th November 2015

      Lusk’s gameplan is to control the political weather so that the wind always fills his progeny’s sails, while others are smashed against the rocks- rocks which did not exist until Lusk and his Lolita at WO put them there.

  6. jamie

     /  17th November 2015

    The second part of the Lusk piece is now up on the Story website:

    I have very little time for Lusk and his kind. I basically agree with Jeeves that they are poisoning our democracy with their underhanded methods.

    BUT having said that, I can’t fault his political instincts. I agreed with almost all of his predictions/insights on the program tonight.


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