Labour branch recess “nothing to lose any sleep over at all”

Labour are that brimming with support that the putting of a branch into recess has been descrobed by the Labour Party president as “certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all”.


The Labour party leadership is shrugging off a move by a Dunedin branch of the party to go into recess because it says it is not left wing enough.

The Anderson’s bay branch of the party has said it is going into recess.

Its organiser, Tat Loo, who writes under the pseudonym “Colonel Viper’ on the left wing blog site, “The Standard”. Said “Labour as an organization is failing ordinary Kiwis both locally in Dunedin and centrally in Wellington on many different levels and it shows every sign of continuing on that track.

“We want no part of propping up the Thorndon Bubble careerist ‘pretend and extend’ set any further and will be moving on to new political projects.”

But party president, Nigel Haworth, said the move was “really quite inconsequential”.

He said it was a minor perturbation.

“It’s certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all.”

In fact Mr Haworth and leader, Andrew Little, night well regard the move as a minor victory in their quest to make the party more relevant to mainstream New Zealand.

Yeah, right, sheeding support is just what Labour need right now.

Ok, Tat Loo has been a vocal critic of the direction Labolur is heading (right and down) at The Standard for a while. A few years ago he got offside with Clare Curran and she is alleged to have tried to have him suspended from the party.

But Labour can’t really afford to shed factions.

I met Tat Loo during the 2011 campaign (he stood for Labour in the Clutha/Southlan electorate), seemed a nice enough guy but having seen what he writes at The Standard our ideas on politics are obviously quite different.

As Colonial Viper Loo wrote about the branch recess decision at The Standard:

ABP Branch of Labour goes into recess; all Branch Officers to resign

Dunedin’s most active and most innovative Labour Party branch is going into recess.

Going by the comment count (361 to date) there’s been a lot of interest.

Quite funny to see me pop up in the commentary:

Colonial Viper 17.2

thanks RL. To our team forging unity throughout the Left is not going to be the goal, it is going to be shifting and driving authentic political debate, something that many are clearly uncomfortable with.

  • One Anonymous Bloke


    Like Pete George only with conspiracy theories 😆

    • Colonial Viper

      yeah, because everyone on the Std reckons that my politics and that of Pete Georges are directly comparable.

      • One Anonymous Bloke

        I’m referring to the fact that, like yours, his rapier-like debating abilities make people uncomfortable 😆

        • McFlock

          Different sides of the same coin.

          PG often seemed to me to be so keen on the idea that truth was a matter of perspective that he would disappear up his own cartesian doubt.

          CV seems to be so convinced he can read the matrix code as it swirls by that anybody who disagrees with him must be either a fool or a neoliberal stooge.

Quite funny to be included in discussions like that.

Less funny – both Tat Loo and I are potential Labour voters, albeit from opposite sides of their spectrum. That both of us a rejected by Labour and Labour supporters suggests that 30% might be not be left behind any time soon.

But apparently the Labour leader and the Labour president see this as really quite inconsequential, a minor perturbation and  certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all.


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  1. I suppose the current lack of funds issue is probably nothing to lose sleep over either. Labour has some issues, serious issues that need to be sorted out. Little isn’t the man to do it. They’re going to get rogered at the next election as well unless things change. Can we see Little as a PM? I can’t. He’s not even a competent opposition leader, constantly looks at the negatives and attacks the government with to real solutions. I never have been and never will be a Labour voter, but I’d rather have a strong opposition to keep the government on their toes.

    Cunliffe with a T

    You know, I hate to say it but after these four, I have slightly more respect for Clark, at least she was a competent party leader. The future’s not looking all that rosey for Labour really is it.

    • *with no real solutions.

    • Missy

       /  25th November 2015

      I agree that the last 4 leaders of Labour have given me more respect for Clarke as a competent party leader. I am sad at the state of Labour – I am not a Labour voter (my Grandfather was though), but for a strong democracy we need a strong opposition, and we haven’t had one in a long time.

  2. You’d have to wonder how many times a guy would have to take on Clare Curran and lose before he realised he just wasn’t that good at politics. Still, I love the smell of burning martyr in the morning.

  3. Losing the Left Wing of the Labour Party can only help Little as he moves into the center to battle it out with Key. Little needs more news like this.

  4. Pete Kane

     /  25th November 2015

    “POLITIK understands it had only 120 members and sent no delegates to the party’s annual conference three weeks ago.”

    Actually 120 for a branch within an electorate is not bad I would have thought (well these days anyway).

    • And Anderson’s Bay Peninsula is mostly sparsely poputlated. I think 120 is quite a few for there.

      • Pete Kane

         /  25th November 2015

        Good evening Editor. Dunedin (and I think back to my own days of incarceration at the North Dunedin Correctional Facility) has always struck me as a town that took its “labour” politics pretty seriously.

        • Maybe it did, but it has changed. In Dunedin South National is seriously challenging Labour for a vote majority. And in Dunedin North Greens have got a strong presence (Metiria’s electorate, sort of).

          And the old labour force is very depleted.

          • Pete Kane

             /  25th November 2015

            I’m sure My time was early mid 80s. But I used the speech marks with reference to an old ‘warder’ of mine Jim Flynn and the New Labour crew. BTW (c/o our friends at LF) you’ve got an idyllic spot down spot down there Pete. Just stunning. Lovely place Dunedin.

  5. kiwi guy

     /  25th November 2015

    One less Cultural Marxist white anting Labour is a positive for the party.

    But they need to purge the rest of them.

    • DaveG

       /  25th November 2015

      “but they need to purge the rest of them”. If they did, there is likely to be very few left, just think of the drop in revenue through membership fees.

  6. kiwi guy

     /  25th November 2015

    Labour is basically a females only party now – re: “I’m sorry for being a man”, lesbian MP pushing gay marriage, “guilty until proven innocent” when a man is accused by a female – and the white vote has been chased away too.


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