Hooton lobbying or stirring over National leadership?

When a lobbyist floats leadership change of the governing party I’m naturally sceptical.

Bryce Edwards has tweeted about a paywalled column in NBR where by Matthew Hooton either promotes a National leadership change or is trying to stir one up.

Hooton has been floating ideas about Key needing to go or is due to be replaced for quite a while.

Matthew Hooton: “Joyce associates openly talking about leadership change” (paywalled) – http://bit.ly/PmJoyce  Rumours of Joyce becoming PM

Hooton says Nats caucus too docile to challenge if Key hands power over to Joyce: “MPs are not encouraged to ask questions or even speak.”

Hooton says National caucus now docile: “Caucus meetings are shorter than ever and are dominated by briefings by Messrs Key and Joyce”

Hooton: John Key’s “knighthood depends on him handing over to a National prime minister rather than losing an election to Labour”

It would be sad if Key’s leadership decision is based on the best way for him to get a knighhood.

I don’t think a knighthood would suit him. Would he still goof around?

If Key & Joyce waited til “Paula Bennett was out of the country, they would have a good chance of presenting a handover as a fait accompli”

Joyce “is sure he could do the retail aspects of the prime ministership – clowning around on commercial radio and so forth – as well as Key”

I don’t see Joyce in that role at all.

Hooton: Murray McCully “may seek the chairmanship of World Rugby, formerly the International Rugby Board, when it comes up in May”

I don’t know about the Chairmanship of World Rugby but it’s time for McCully to move on from politics.

And Joyce responded:

@bryce_edwards All complete rubbish from a commentator who has proven once again he is as close to the National Party as Catherine Delahunty

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  1. Hooten has to make his columns entertaining or he won’t get paid. Hence this nonsense. There’s more insight over at The Standard, than in any of Hooten’s columns. 🙂

  2. I’d put my money on there being no such move afoot. Hooten has spent the last couple of years since he was sidelined trying to destabilise National. There’s no subtlety about the man, and I wonder who’d ever trust his professional acumen. Certainly nobody from the Party! Nobody within the Nats with any clout atm would give this bitter, irrelevant noter the time of day.

  3. Nelly Smickers

     /  27th November 2015

    “I don’t think a Knighthood would suit him. Would he still goof around?”

    No more than his mate Bob Jones does 🙂

  4. jamie

     /  27th November 2015

    ”I don’t see Joyce in that role at all.”

    Oh I can see him dicking around and really enjoying it. I just don’t see anyone else finding it amusing like they do with Key.

    Exhibit A, his little joke in the last line of the post.

  5. So Hooton misses out on CERA contracts sometime 2014, gets the pip and then starts on the ‘Key has lost support in certain Auckland business circles’ meme….

    Is that business circle Hooton [a businessman] and Laila Harre [Auckland restaurateur so a businesswoman] – maybe they hatched it up as a meme for Hoot to push when they were off ski-ing together post the Internet Partys hiding at the 2014 election

    Frankly he is losing credibility in my view as he is obviously bitter. The nine to Noon segment where he talked about losing the CERA contracts and his belief it was Keys’ man Eagleson who caused the loss was very revealing – Hoot got very, very steamed and almost ranted.

    Joyce is not the choice. Key needs to lead them in to 2017, because Joyce would lose an election due to his TV presence. He projects zero empathy and just comes across very, very smug…

  6. Timoti

     /  27th November 2015

    I wonder if Hoots has made up with Willie and John? Steven Joyce taking over from Key? LOL. National caucus was shown what Key is made of when he went behind his parties back and supported Aunt Helen with her anti-smacking(pleb moniker) legislation. Lusk, and even Hooten have one thing right….”what this country could have been if Key wasn’t a fence sitter”. Hoots is correct, National is peopled by gutless wonders. That said, ” what a great government for gutless wonders to be in. You have nothing to do except say ” Mr Joyce, should I do this?”.

  7. Loki

     /  27th November 2015

    Shall I explain?
    Hooton is frozen out, has been for years and blames Key/Joyce.
    He is stirring for free, or at least in an attempt to get a change so he can slide into some government contracts again.
    Hooton is actually a good bastard but was a lot more fun before he gave up the booze.
    A shadowy spin weasel according to the left.
    He got splattered in scat when Hager tried to translate the private fantasy Comms from the mouth breathing fantasist .
    But actually not.
    He is just trying to shake the tree in the hope that the top monkey falls out and a more compliant lesser monkey will ascend and start lobbing some fruit his way.
    A similar variant would be the tragic Russell Brown who no doubt spends most of his time tearfully wanking over old bank statements from the time Helen Clark was spoofing our gold all over the faces of every left wing luvvie and talentless left wing writer in the country.

    • MaureenW

       /  27th November 2015

      Sounds about right. I don’t follow Matthew Hooton but when I do hear him he seems to be trying to “bat” everywhere. To me, he sounds like a spin monkey, looking for his next dollar.

    • DaveG

       /  27th November 2015

      Lets not forget Hooton went “away” with none other than Laila Harre skiing for several weeks, i wonder how slippery the slopes were, and what the dinner conversation was like. All too fishy for me.

  8. I don’t know how many of you have read the book published recently entitled “One Treaty, One Nation”. I have just completed it, and I am disturbed by the evidence therein. I have studied the History of Australia and New Zealand at University level and am amazed at the detail of an obvious plan for Maori to take control of the governance of this country by asserting claims of sovereignty. I am disturbed by the racist claims of activists and the rewriting of the Treaty and of historical facts. I also think that as a taxpayer, $3.56 billion payment for the third time is enough. Time has come for the Treaty to be repudiated as undemocratic, for the undemocratic and racist-based Waitangi is dismissed. For the socialist academic group who are sponsoring the Marxist based plan for destruction of NZ society, we know who you are and there will be a time for you to pay the price for your anti-democratic plans.

  9. Damn computer, I meant Waitangi Tribunal is undemocratic and racist.

  10. Alan Wilkinson

     /  27th November 2015

    Hooten has an axe to grind against Key and he won’t let it go.

  11. David

     /  27th November 2015

    Joyce doesn’t want the top job, the man hasn’t the appetite for it and is just doing what he can for the country just like Key is. Both are exceptionally wealthy and have a global choice on what to do next, they will do what thy can for the country and will happily leave when they are asked too. Joyce only does what he does because it’s fun working forKey and he will retire when Key does.
    Hooton only knows career politicians and has no understanding of what motivates exceptionally talented people.

  12. David

     /  27th November 2015

    And to point out the obvious Keys knighthood will come direct from Buckingham palace and seeing as he sat on the NY federal reserve board and probably would have been CEO of Merril Lynch and if he wanted could probably head up the IMF etc Bing anointed or not by Paula Bennett is just hi.arious

  13. one thing i agree on. Key is just dying for that knighthood, on his bucket list for sure!

  14. Zedd

     /  28th November 2015

    Can it be.. more CRACKS appearing ?
    I thought Hooton was one of the ‘Team Key’ major cheer-leaders.. oh dear ! 🙂

    • Zedd – have you not been paying attention? Hooten turned on National BEFORE the 2014 election and has been getting stuck into Key and co regularly ever since…


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