Judith Collins versus Phil Goff?

Audrey Young at NZ Herald suggests that a speech by Judith Colins to the ACT regional conference yesterday could be a pitch for a run at the Auckland mayoralty.

Judith Collins on the Auckland mayoralty

National MP Judith Collins gave a wide-ranging speech about the Auckland Council to an Act regional conference yesterday, which is bound to renew speculation she is considering standing for the Auckland mayoralty.

However she also appeared to make a pitch for Chamber of Commerce head Michael Barnett, whose name has also been associated with a mayoral run.

“Auckland desperately needs a leader, someone who can articulate their plan, implement it and be accountable for it,” she said.

She applauded the fact that Mr Barnett had repeatedly called for a transparent line-by-line review of council costs and planned capital expenditure.

“He is absolutely right…taxpayers deserve to know what public money is being spent cost effectively and efficiently…

“As a ratepayer, I just hope that we end up with a financially literate, decisive mayor who can work with central government and not someone who thinks that being Mayor of Auckland is all about themselves,” she said in the speech which was distributed by her press secretary.

Ms Collins said the current candidate of the right, Mark Thomas, isn’t good enough to take on Labour MP Phil who is standing for the mayoralty at the local body elections in October next year.

She told the conference she had been “quite hopeful” about Mr Goff until he had ruled out asset sales or reconfiguration.

Judith Collins told the Herald in November that she had no plans to stand for the Auckland mayoralty and that her focus was getting back into the cabinet.

That was last month. The local body elections are nearly a year away. Collins’ future in Parliament may be limited.

Collins versus Phil Goff would make it a fascinating contest.



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  1. Mike C

     /  6th December 2015

    If Collins does run for Auckland Mayor … it will be for the exact same reasons as Goff.

    Those two reasons are:-

    1. Snout
    2. Trough

  2. jamie

     /  6th December 2015

    I think it’s far too late for Collins. She may well have made a viable candidate for Mayor of the old Auckland City, but not the supercity. It’s too diverse, and her old-boy network which would have carried her a long way in the old city doesn’t count for nearly as much region-wide.

    If she just wants to be Mayor of something, she would probably do better in Tauranga or Hawkes Bay. But there are probably better jobs available to her than “Mayor of Something.”

    • Mike C

       /  6th December 2015


      Please don’t encourage Collins to come and live down this way.

      Respectfully Yours,

      From Frankie 🙂

      • Pete Kane

         /  6th December 2015

        More likely to turn up in Shanghai I would have thought.
        (I know there’s going to be plenty of time to comment on Goff over the next year. But, what doe’s it say at this point in the cycle, about his believe that the ‘next’ government will be able to deliver an appropriate post for his good self.)

  3. John Schmidt

     /  6th December 2015

    Collins will only put her name forward if polling indicates she could win. She would not want the embarrassment of defeat especially if it was substantial.


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