Garner on next National leader

Duncan Garner ponders on who may be National’s next leader. He rules out Judith Collins, saying her party has lost faith and trust in her (she could earn that back but it will take time, effort and care).


She’s emerged from the Collins rubble to be the frontrunner. She’s handled everything Labour has thrown at her and sent it back with interest.


The Health Minister is ambitious and is starting to get a bigger profile – and he likes the idea that he’s being spoken about as a potential leader. He will need to show more charisma and reach out more.


Depending on who you speak to in the National Party she’s either a leader in waiting or someone you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.


He has long been discussed as a future National leader and that will probably mean it will never happen. On TV and radio he sucks the life out of the universe but he’s still very capable and knows his subject.


I got to know Muller when he was a Boy Friday in  Jim Bolger’s office in 1996. A thoroughly smart and likeable bloke, Muller bleeds blue and has been earmarked for higher office from an early age. He has genuine private sector experience and has wisely kept his head down  in his first term as an MP.

That’s about how many ex-leaders Labour has.

More details: Duncan Garner: Forget Crusher, Paula Bennett is National’s next leader



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  1. Timoti

     /  13th December 2015

    Another thing Duncan could ponder- will my contract be renewed? Or will I wind up
    at National Socialist Radio with Johnny.

    I agree Bennett is the front runner. She ticks the woman box, Maori box, tested
    in battle, she’s acceptable to most National supporters, bar a few “blue rinsers” in
    The Rem. If she lost some weight she wouldn’t be unattractive.

    But what I like about Bennett is her ability to get up “Lefties” noses like no other.
    Some of the worst blog comment I have ever seen has been directed at her.
    And who could forget the two snivelling beneficiaries Bennett dealt to? Turns out
    these whingers were on $ 500 plus of taxpayer money per week if I remember correctly.
    I said at the time many people working menial jobs didn’t get that type of remuneration.
    Lets not forget time she became involved with a group of girls fighting in Porirua.
    You wouldn’t have seen Jacinda jump in there.
    Bennett is a natural successor to Nationals glorious Reich.

  2. Zedd

     /  13th December 2015

    I’m guessing Mr. Bakshi 🙂

  3. All this presumes that National’s next leader is already in parliament. They may only come in in 2017 and take over in 2020.



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