On Key, resigning and White Ribbon

A comment by Joe Bloggs sums this up well for me:

There’s no reason for Key to resign from the White Ribbon campaign. That’s a step too far. A simple apology and a statement condemning the actions of The Rock would be nice. And perhaps a little more thought about the maintaining the dignity of the office he’s sworn to uphold…


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  1. FarmerPete

     /  22nd December 2015

    Good one, so Key should apologise for being the victim of a practical joke. A statement for clarification maybe, but the apology NO. Can’t we just stop listening to these point scoring opportunists for an while. At least Winston is quiet on the matter.

    • kittycatkin

       /  22nd December 2015

      I don’t believe that anyone should apologise for someone else’s actions, for something that they didn’t do or for something that they were unaware of doing. Within reason for the last, of course.

      A friend used to apologise to his wife to keep the peace, but I think that that is inexcusable-on the part of the person who demands it.

    • jamie

       /  22nd December 2015

      “Good one, so Key should apologise for being the victim of a practical joke.”

      Of course not.

      But he could apologise for taking part in it. Or for going along with it. Or for not condemning it at the time, while he was there in the room representing the people of New Zealand.

  2. Geee Whizzzz, this can’t be a very important topic.
    “A nine hour wonder” KCK described it as.
    I see one topic around it has dropped off to be replaced by two new ones!

    We now have four topics running on this trivial subject folks!!!

    Crikey, even I never thought it would have such weight and endurance.
    Going for the full marathon. I wonder why?
    Bring in the heavy earth moving machinery people.
    Stop that dyke (sic? Dutch canal wall?)

    “Victim”? John Key the “victim”? Oh Lordy, now I’ve heard it all.

    • Enough already. Of course Key is a victim here Partisanz.

      If it’s good enough for the weeping left to bellow victimhood every time it suits them then why can’t they rustle up some sympathy for a man forced to publicly enter a cage. Sounds like all sorts of abusive to me. On top of that to re-victimise the poor beggar with derision AND blame him for his persecution is heinous. It’s a wonder he’s not at state funded counselling. Belledejour are you available?

      • @ traveller – that’s excellent … if it’s Xmas humour!? (Darn my naivety, I can’t tell)

        If not, weeeeell (Elizabeth Montgomery, ‘Bewitched’), “rustle up some sympathy for a man forced to publicly enter a cage”. Please, spare me! “Forced”?

        Now the poor fellow’s gotten himself into a situation where he’s been metaphorically raped as part of a rape joke aimed at making a fool of him. (I thought we’d reached the bottom of the hole but no, we can just keep right on diggin’)

        Key would probably do well to have some counselling actually (if he isn’t already).

  3. Sighhhhhh. Apologise? I read Joes comments yesterday and understand why he maybe offended but apologise. Just no – no need. He didn’t mean to give an offence and has no reason to apologise

    • However, people do apologise for inadvertently or mistakenly giving offence. And I for one respect them for it.

      • Whilst that is true, that doesn’t happen often when someone has been set up Partisan. This is a politically motivated beat up. Key got stitched up and certain people with an axe to grind are milking it as per normal.

        In 3 weeks time no one will remember or care outside a very small circle. If I was Key I would head off to Hawaii and holiday – some social media and mass media beat up should be ignored…

        • @ dave1924 – I guess we can go back and forth with this forever, so this’ll probly be my last comment on the subject. I won’t try to have the last word.

          I have no doubt whatsoever that if this were a similar situation involving a “Leftie” you’d be grinding your axe and milking it for all its worth. Unfortunately, a great deal of what we loosely call “politics” is politically motivated beat up.

          • Maybe, maybe not depends on what it is. Cunliffe being sorry for being a man… yip boots and all idiot thing to say. Little calling Business Owners parasites, which is pretty offensive, not at all .

            I am just sick of identity politics and people taking offensive and raging over it like its the big deal on the planet when its just not.

            • kittycatkin

               /  22nd December 2015

              So Michael Hill and Stephen Tindall are parasites ? Yeah, right. My stepfather came from a back street in the UK, the youngest child of a mother who was left a widow with 9 children. She trained as a midwife to earn a living for them all. When he came to NZ, he said that one day he’d have 100 men working for him, and he did, too. 100 families directly kept by him and who knows how many indirectly had him to thank for part of their income (drivers, shops, suppliers of materials for his factory) Then there’s the tax paid by such people. Some parasites.

      • kittycatkin

         /  22nd December 2015

        If someone made a joke about being run over by a bus to a person whose child had been killed this way, then an apology would be justified and appreciated even if the first person couldn’t have known. It’s a feeble example, but I can’t think of a better one.

        People have apologised to me for asking where my husband is in a way that would be funny if he was alive but which is not when I have to reply that he died not long ago. I appreciate them doing so, even though I was not offended as, like me, they just don’t read the paper as thoroughly as they should. .

  4. Well, Kim IL Jong Key is already an economic rapist – why the surprise over this?

    Agreed, banal trivial non-issue, fairly typical fodder for the NZ chattering classes

    • badcop666 – “banal trivial non-issue, fairly typical fodder …etc”

      If that’s the case, so glad you weighed in so heavily on the subject.


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