Freed, one of these days, maybe?

It looks more like the new era of media via Freed is in never-never land.

In yet another post at Whale Oil criticising New Zealand’s mainstream media – Bryce Edwards writes an obituary for the New Zealand Mainstream media – irony abounds as usual.

 His bias has been extremely apparent since Dirty Politics hit…

This wasn’t referring to Cameron Slater but one of Whale Oil’s repeat targets.

Pretending Whaleoil does not exist and wishing that it no longer has any influence, is not the same thing as it actually not existing and having no influence.

Wistful thinking.

Like Nicky Hager, they wanted to knock a powerful political spin doctor off his perch. His influence on his growing readership rivalled their influence on their shrinking readership. Spin doctoring should be the preserve of those with the ‘correct’ political leanings, trained and skilled, not those who challenge the status quo with their politically incorrect but popular musings.

No longer having the sources and ghost writers he used to have the “powerful political spin doctor” is left wheel spinning in mud. He was used and is now largely a discarded tool.

Spanish Bride winds down her post with a substantially wound back expectations that Freed might ever appear.

One of these days I believe we will be freed from this kind of unbalanced journalism. I used to think that a new media company would have to first destroy the competition before it could grab the market share. After reading Edward’s media obituary, I now think that the new company on the block will only have to step over the body.

It will have to be a new company on the block. Old media is not the only body – it may be ailing but at least there’s still something of substance still surviving.

Whale Oil looks to be toxic on the rocks.


Most of the teeth have gone, and so have the hands the fed it.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th December 2015

    Freed might have an old meaning for WO before it has a new one.

  2. I like to look at movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Sometimes the write ups have you thinking the work is so inane and so poorly thought of that you couldn’t imagine anyone being so seriously dumb enough to be involved in producing it.

    I got that feeling when reading Whale Oil this morning. One of the low rated movies on Tomatoes is ‘House of the Dead.’ Using that as irony is wasted though as that even today the WO site again effortlessly gazumps whatever is thrown at it.

    Apparently, “we need a Freak Olympics.” Chef de mission anyone? Even ‘special reporter and journalist’ might provide a proper job for someone with the skills.

  3. Timoti

     /  30th December 2015

    One thing that is true.

    Mainstream media is in big trouble. The young don’t want to know. And Baby Boomers like me have had enough of their facile bs.

    One thing that isn’t true:

    “Spin doctoring should be the preserve of those with the ‘correct’ political leanings, trained and skilled, not those who challenge the status quo with their politically incorrect but popular musings”.

    • Yes, mainstream media is in big trouble with no obvious solutions. And there’s no obvious replacement. We’ve had a rapid transition from a few major media outlets to a huge fragmentation.

      One of the biggest changes has been to direct marketing rather than via third party media advertising. And what’s left of the old model is easily avoided.

      • Timoti

         /  30th December 2015

        I’m just thinking of the huge clean-out in Radio before Xmas.

        I see Radio Live has put Mark Sainsbury into their most important slot- 9am to 12pm.
        He’s too measured,lacks mongrel and is too nice. I’m thinking RL have taken a gamble, believing Sainsburies competition, Leighton Smith, will announce his retirement next year and magically RL will pick up all his listeners. It aint gonna happen. I heard one radio host talk about radio starting to lose considerable advertising dollars. Something you have alluded to above.

    • Good grief, if we had a half decent MSM, and politicians with ethics, there would be no ‘need’ for Spin doctors at all.

  4. Mike C

     /  30th December 2015

    How many times have we heard Spanish Bride and her co-horts try to tell us that the “WHALE FREED” thing is going to happen?

    Once? … Twice? … Three Times?

    Pretty sure that means a “Strike-Out” after about 1053 times of her saying it 🙂

  5. traveller

     /  31st December 2015

    Let’s face it, WO is going nowhere. At best, he’s treading water. The handful who subscribed to INCITE aren’t going to pay off Farrar’s polling bill, let alone line WO’s pockets. When people realised he’d publish anything (the inane and personal hit on Blomfield, the incessant HB dam nobody was interested in) the writing was on the wall. Top that off with Belt’s moderation and sliding down the slippery slope of irrelevance was unstoppable. After DP WO’s exclusion from political influence became academic. Exposed as unreliable, big noting and unprincipled in Dirty Politics and he became asbestos. Of course everyone still glances at the site out of morbid curiosity, but with wall to wall click bait, you tube cat videos, copy/pasted/unattributed MSM articles to read it’s a wasteland with nothing not already seen on other media.

    FREED – nope, more like SHACKLED by a lack of new ideas, money, friends, relevance, influence and the biggie – self awareness.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  31st December 2015

      so true traveller
      WO now sings “you used to ring me on my cell phone”
      to all the double agents that hide from him now
      for fear of being the MSM latest DP news
      What happens when you have inflatable heads ?
      They are prone to popping all over the place.

  6. Pantsdownbrown

     /  31st December 2015

    I always find it ironic that Whaleoil despise the New Zealand Herald whilst many of the posts Cam makes on the site use Herald stories for discussion points……..then again they constantly rabbit on about ‘Freed’ on the site (a new ‘freer’ media) and then they banish anybody from Whaleoil who has a differing view to Cams bitterly twisted view of the world – hypocrites much?


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