Holiday message – have a safe and happy brake

It might be a good message for motorists but not such a good message for a school – “Have a safe and happy brake”.

"Not sure if this school sign was an indication of how tired teachers were at the end of the year," writes Linda. "Or if it was a pun on the stop-start nature of holiday traffic exiting Auckland.

And another motoring message:

“When you’re out on the roads this holiday season you might be all stressed about tourist drivers if you have been following media reports,” writes James.

“Don’t be! Statistics show that tourists are involved in 1.3 per cent of accidents – so you have a 98.7 per cent chance of colliding with a fellow Kiwi (probably some combination of drunk, unlicensed, or speeding).”


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  1. kittycatkin

     /  5th January 2016

    Something tells me that this was either a deliberate error, so to speak, or someone climbing up and rearranging the letters.

    A bridge repainting was taking so long here that it was obviously not going to be done by ‘late April 2015’. (it wasn’t finished until lateJune) I happened to have a black felt pen in my bag, and neatly altered the date to ‘late April 2018’.

    I’m sure that some signs are done deliberately wrong. Pak & Save had some Country Style Ham that was Conutry Style on a few of the posters…I wondered if someone couldn’t resist the temptation to not correct a typo or to make one 😀


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