Ups and downs of milk

Milk prices continue to fluctuate, with the latest auction down a little (-1.6%) after recent modest gains.


At least some of the reduced returns to New Zealand dairy farmers will be offset by lower mortgage and borrowing rates and lower oil/fuel prices.





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  1. That’s free market capitalism for you !!!

    What can one say? It goes up and down.

    Well, actually, a bunch of people say a whole lot about it –

    “American political philosopher Michael J. Sandel contends that in the last 30 years the United States has moved beyond just having a market economy and has become a market society where literally everything is for sale, including aspects of social and civic life such as education, access to justice and political influence”

    See criticisms on –

  2. Nelly Smickers

     /  7th January 2016

    Learning to speak Chinese:

    “Hu Flung Dung” (which one of you fertilized the field?)

    • Hmmm, I bet the Chinese-Russian dairy syndicate mega-farm will conveniently avoid the Global Dairy Trade auction too?

      How can we play “free market” when they’re playing “regulation-partnership” and “regional monopoly”? Could it be because we’ve left them out of TPPA, TTIP etc?

      Had a squizz at –

      “The frequency of lactose intolerance ranges from 5% in Northern European to more than 90% in some African and Asian countries.[6] Some have argued that this links intolerance to natural selection favoring lactase-persistent individuals, but it is also consistent with a physiological response to decreased lactase production when it is not needed in cultures in which dairy products are not an available food source”.

      Good advertising and “product placement” can change this though.
      Or alternatively, invest in “lactose intolerance” related pharmaceuticals at the same time and double your return?

      That’s free market capitalism for you !!!


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